Hive Is Coming, But What Will I Be Doing?

4개월 전


Things have been a bit crazy lately to say the least. The coronavirus stuff is still all over the news. We have a new hard fork coming in the form of Hive. I just started a new job. There's a lot going on.

I started out on Steem around 5(ish) months ago now. I got in kind of late, but my time here overall has been awesome. Thanks to all my friends on OCD, I've been able to make (and save) a little money by writing articles these past several months.

Will I be moving to Hive though? Probably.

I'm going to assume that most of our witnesses will be leaving Steem and switching to Hive. It seems like a lot of people will, but obviously some will stick with Steem. Some may even use both.

If our witnesses leave Steem and switch to Hive then most likely, Justin Sun will use his sock puppet witnesses to lower the power down time to probably next to nothing. If so, he'll probably just sell off his stake (over time as to not crash the price) and be done with it. If that happens and our witnesses make the switch then Steem as we know it will probably be pretty much dead. It really depends on what happens from here really.

When one chapter ends though, another one usually begins.

With the coronavirus stuff still going on and with having started a new job in retail, the sad truth is that I won't be able to write articles every day. I'll just be too busy with work. I will still try to write on my days off though (like today).

I plan on switching to Hive, but I'm not 100% sure of that just yet. If our witnesses move, then I'll be moving to. Plus, it'll be cool to be essentially at the start of something new. There's a lot of opportunities with Hive.

It'll be interesting to see where we go from here.

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