I'll Be Taking A Break From Steem For A Bit

4개월 전

This week's been a pretty crazy one with everything that's been going on lately with Steem. I've been keeping up with it so much in fact that I really haven't been thinking about much else. Things are starting to look up for us as a community, but I've been so caught up in the drama that at this point, I'm honestly burnt out of it. It's because of all the drama that I haven't even been able to focus on writing a single decent article over this past week. My content lately has become simply filler which is a bit of a shame since I'm on the cusp of finally reaching 500 SP. I'm so close, but yet it feels so far away. With writing worse articles, it's lead to less earnings for me but that's to be expected from what I've wrote to be honest.

In addition to the drama, I'll be starting my new job this coming week which while seemingly good, means that I won't have as much time to focus on writing good content for this platform. I don't know what my hours will be like, but I'm hoping that maybe I can still write a great article every other day at least. I don't think writing one good article every day will really be feasible for me once I start working again. It sucks because this past month on here I've done really well too.

For the time being, when I do write an article, I'll be switching back to 50/50 payouts. It just seems like the best thing for me right now. Also, I decided to delegate out some of my SP today with 250 (more than half of what I have) going to @ocdb. I don't know yet how long I'll delegate it out for, but my team curates great content so I think my SP is in good hands. Sure I'll earn some Steem from it, but it won't be much at all. I'm mostly just doing this to try to further help out our curation team and other great content creators on here.

On top of all that, I've just had a lot on my mind this past week. One thing that I've really been thinking about lately is what I really want for me and for my future. My day job won't be awesome, but I really still haven't decided what I want to do with my life yet. I know that I love tech and investing so I could try to do something with that. Another thing that's been on my mind these past couple days is possibly dipping my toes into game development again. I'm not nearly as huge of a gamer anymore as I used to be, but I'd started working on a couple games in the past that I never finished so that may be something that I'm willing to look into again since I have a decent PC now.

I just don't know what I really want to do with my life honestly. I'll be 30 in a couple years so hopefully I'll have it figured out by then. I know I have the potential to be really great at something and be happy doing it, but I just haven't quite figured out what that is yet. I have a bad habit of starting things but just never finishing them. Working with tech, investing, and game design are all possibilities for me. I love tech, but it's too broad of a term. Investing is awesome, but I'd need to earn a lot more Steem than what I have been this past week. Game design would take the most work by far, but could turn out to be really fun and maybe even financially rewarding. It's a tough call lol.

As the title of this article says though, I think it'll be best if I just kind of step away from the platform for a bit and kind of get my mind back together if you will. It could be just a few days, it could be a week. I just don't really know. It won't be much longer than a week at most because I still love writing but I haven't been able to focus on writing great content lately. I'd rather write one great article every few days than a bad one every day. I think my team and my followers deserve at least that much from me. They've done a lot for me so I want to pay that forward as much as I can.

I guess this is goodbye for now, but I'm sure I'll be back writing articles again in the near future.

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