Looking back on Valentine's Days does not bring memories

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I do not recall any time I have celebrated Valentine's Day in my life. I know we exchanged cards in school events, but that is not really a personal thing.

I have had a husband and various boyfriends during some of my 60 Valentine's days, but if we did anything special I do not recall.

I can remember certain women in offices where I worked over the years getting great presents or flowers on this day, so good for them.

I am not much of one to celebrate holidays at all, and so maybe my attitude is not surprising. Living a hermetic and nomadic life does not lend itself to this type of celebration.

I do not like the idea of getting cut flowers as a gift. This is a gift you watch as it dies, and so I either give flowers I get to someone else or throw them out as soon as I get them.

I would rather have a live plant than cut flowers, but my lifestyle says I will leave the place I am at soon, so I don't want a plant now either.

I am pretty sure I am beyond hope of having a man to celebrate future Valentine Days with, but never say never. It's not a goal for me to "find someone" so I probably won't.

My photo is a window I saw when walking in Shelltown San Diego a few years ago. I call it "Heart Breaking Free - 92113" and love it a lot. I took this photo with my cheap point and shoot camera I had at the time.

My post is for the Looking Back/Look Forward Contest for CCC by @wakeupkitty. this week's theme is love and Valentine's Day. Tell us your thoughts and you can enter too.

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I share your feeling if it comes to these cut flowers. A terrible gift and a plant would die with me too.

I can not remember my ex did anything either, same to birthdays. He loved to receive - including the wishinglist - but was too greedy to give.

I better pamper myself, it makes me much happier.

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