3 life lessons from the lion - the second lesson is crucial!




The lion is more than just an ordinary animal. Whether it is being discussed in the animal kingdom, or in human talks, the lion commands undeniable respect and earns admiration from almost everyone. But beyond observing this wonderful creature, humans can take a lesson or two home from the attributes of a lion. So in this article, i want to point out crucial lessons for life we can learn from the king of the jungle.

1. Face your challenges with bravery: A lion would always be remembered for its courageous outlook. Lions are usually fearless and are not easily intimidated by the size of its opposition. A lion will always stand to fight and can face off with any threat whether human or animal. little wonder that other animals and even humans are known to be afraid of the lion because it will fight and usually win. Bravery and courage is a the number one attribute of a lion. So what is the lesson?

Lesson 1: There are no shortage of challenges in this life. Whether you are man or woman, young or old, all of us face challenging situations every time. Sometimes, we want to hide from our challenges and run. But most times, it is better to stand up, with your face to the wind. If you must face your problems and overcome them, you need courage like that of a lion. Your challenges may be huge like a mountain and intimidating. But remember that a lion rarely runs away. So develop the boldness and courage needed to fight your challenges. If you hide from your troubles, they wait for you. But if you boldly confront them, you will win like the lion.

2. Surround yourself with people on the same mission: A lion goes in prides - other lions. It is not possible to see a lion mingling with sheep or goats - except to kill them. Lions go with other lions and this association makes for a formidable team. So what is the lesson?

Lesson 2: You need to watch your friends. Choose your association wisely. If you go with feeble minds, you will always be afraid. If your friends are not innovative people, you will always lack creativity. If you go with people who have the same passion, the same burning desire for success, then it will be easier to achieve great things. Successful people in life associate with people who can see beyond the obvious. When great minds work as a team, there is nothing impossible to achieve. So make sure your friends are well chosen - like a pride of lions. They will support your efforts and help you achieve life goals

3. Rest is good for you: Lions spend enough time resting. After a great hunting activity and maybe a nice meal, lions spend most time sleeping and resting. This helps their bodies to gather new energy that will be useful in later. Because the lion often have enough rest, it is alert when awake and very vigilant, able to sniff out danger or hunt down prey. The lesson?

Lesson 3: This life is like a rat race for some. They leave for work very early and return late. No time for rest or recreation. Big thanks to COVID-19, people have been forced to have some rest at home. But after things return to normal, beyond this pandemic period, you deserve to include rest in your daily schedule. Your body needs enough rest to recharge and recover from the stress we put it through. When you wake up from sleep, you feel renewed and energized, isn't it? Your mental alertness level is increased and you are able to properly coordinate yourself. Lack of rest has contributed to many problems to people. For example, some road accidents happen because the driver fail asleep on wheel. Lack of proper rest can cause headaches and other body discomforts. The list just goes on. So be kind to yourself and do not deprive your body of much needed rest. Just like the lion, having enough rest is crucial to making big wins in life.


The lion is a wonderful animal we should admire. But beyond that, we need to learn from its attributes. This article briefly mentioned 3, but there are other lessons we can learn from this wonderful animal. Life is full of challenges, but we can win if we remain strong with our face to the wind. Indeed, like the lion, victory is always attainable with the right mindset and proper personal attributes.

Stay safe, be strong and live to fight another day!!

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