Bojack Horseman: ¿Aren't you the horse from Horsin Around?

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I never thought that a series about an animated character who is also an alcoholic, a bit addicted to drugs, manipulative and selfish (among many other things), would impact me so much and also make me think about many things in my life, but above all I didn't expect this about an anthropomorphic horse, because in essence that's Bojack Horseman.

Bojack Horseman is an excellent animated series that I started watching last year, which touches on great points such as black humor and pop culture, but also touches on sensitive issues such as drug abuse, alcohol, family abuse, mistreatment, even loneliness, depression and existentialism. When I began to see this excellent and highly recommended series, I thought it would be a series of humor without more, beyond being an animated product and that most of its characters are anthropomorphic animals, but what I really found was a work that touches in great measure and using satires, the topics mentioned above.

But let's talk a little bit about your main character and protagonist who has the same name as in the series "Bojack Horseman". As I said at the beginning Bojack is an anthropomorphic horse whose life is in a tailspin after a series of events and actions that our beloved protagonist has done throughout his life, but he has also suffered from other people, in such a way that they turned him into what he is today.

Bojack was a famous TV star and became famous thanks to a series in the 90's, but as it is very common, this fame only lasted a few years, since he currently maintains a small amount of media popularity, being forgotten through the years, however, due to this Bojack entered a world increasingly dark and harmful to both him and his loved ones, indirectly or directly affected the lives of many characters in the series, as well as, many characters have affected theirs.

In the life of our protagonist there is a circle of friendship, which despite the attitude and character of Bojack have impacted on his life and vice versa, one of those characters is Todd Chavez, played by Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the series Breaking Bad (one of my favorite series). Todd throughout the series played the role of Bojack's best friend and to some extent was the voice of reason on many occasions and this is due to the personality of this character, was always faithful, even at the end, giving Bojack a kind of pure and sincere friendship, although this friendship also was deteriorating by the attitudes and actions that Bojack committed. In the end, Todd was a character who didn't change much with respect to the others, he always remained firm to his values and thoughts, despite being a character who didn't care about a lot of things, to some extent.

Although Bojack's childhood was a life of abuse from beginning to end, he was able to get throughout his life people he could trust and who would be there no matter what, one of those characters is Princess Carolyn, which is one of the best characters in the series and the one that got a better development, being largely a support in Bojack's life for many years, But being said support ended up affecting the life of Princess Carolyn, as Bojack to not get to commit to almost nothing, she was always the one who was affected by all these situations, but even with that, the character of Princess Carolyn could be defined as the perfect example of dedication, friendship and loyalty.

Mr Peanutbutter is a character that at first I didn't like at certain moments of the series, I don't get to like him, because of his actions, but above all because of his attitude, unlike Bojack, Mr Peanutbutter is a character that always sees the positive in everything, even in the most precarious situation his moods and his joy doesn't go down, But even this, his extreme positivity became annoying on many occasions, however, this is another character which had a great development, although it still maintains much of its very positive attitude, at the end of the series knew how to see the different perspectives of life and as they really are some people. In addition to his great friendship and love for Bojack from beginning to end, he was one of the few characters who faced Bojack face to face. He's not my favorite character but he's a great character.

Diane Nguyen is Bojack's best friend, his confidant and one of the characters who knows our dear horse best. They met when Bojack wanted to do his memoirs and she introduced herself as a writer for that book and from that moment on, it became a tortuous but also loyal relationship. It was a strange relationship, but also full of trust, a relationship that was also gradually breaking, as these two characters, despite their great loyalty, being so similar, there was a certain incompatibility that made chaos between them. Their last conversation was one of the moments that I felt most empty, as it showed the farewell of that friendship and that despite the fact that they wanted to say something else to each other, like a goodbye, both knew that everything had already come to an end and that there was nothing more to say.

And finally I'll talk some more about Bojack. During his childhood he suffered abuse, both from his mother and father, verbal abuse that gradually created demons in the subconscious of our protagonist. His father never showed any interest, both him and his mother, and for his part, his mother mistreated him by telling him that he was not worth anything and was a failure. However, under this type of attitude there is a totally spectacular background of characters which explains the behavior of certain characters throughout the series.

Bojack Horseman is undoubtedly one of my favorite series, it taught me that no matter what you do in your life, there will always be consequences for your actions, whether good or bad. And that sooner or later they're going to come and always when you're least prepared. A great series, that despite not having explained much, since I omitted certain characters because talking about them would be spoiling much. Many characters that like the ones I talked about at the beginning caused a great impact throughout the series and were the trigger for great events, especially in the life of Bojack Horseman.

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