Some days are...


Life is a funny old thing...Some days are blue skies, warm sun and beautiful beaches and others are...Well, they're, lose both your smart phone days!

Mine was the latter yesterday unfortunately and you can read about it here if you're inclined to do so. Essentially I lost both of my smart phones, my company supplied work one and my personal one. Not a good day.

It's been over 24 hours since that happened and I'm starting to get myself under control from an emotional standpoint as I've been a little stressed. Not so much about the phones as they are replaceable, and indeed have already been replaced. It's more the fact that my stuff, information, may get into the wrong hands.

This morning I filed a police report but have no expectation of the phones coming back. They could have quite easily come back yesterday as my business card was in the back of each, clearly visible, so no chance of them returning to me considering it was a simple matter of calling the office number on the cards.

I reported them lost more from an insurance perspective I guess. I have also had the IMEI blocked on my personal phone so the phone can no not be connected to a cell network anywhere in Australia. It's all I can do I guess, other than move on.

That's what I'm doing now. Moving on.

My work phone is set up and whilst I still need to put contact details in I can work as per normal. My personal phone is done too, all passwords for literally everything have been changed and I'm back up and running, so all good...Except the feeling of idiocy I've harboured. I have ben having trouble forgiving myself.

I had a bad nights' sleep last night, I guess all of this was playing on my mind, and I'm looking to finding some closure. Beating myself up about it, forgetting my phones like that, isn't going to bring them back, or work well for me from a productivity standpoint either.

We all have bad days in life; It happens. It will certainly happen again, and probably in far worse a way than simply losing a couple of phones.

We can dwell on the bad days, the bad things that happen to us, or deal with them and simply move on having learned something from them. That won't mean the bad days won't ever come back, but we'll hopefully be more prepared for them when they do.

So, I did that today, moved on. I went for lunch and vowed to myself that I would not dwell on my forgetfulness, the fact that my phones and information are lost because of my own mistake, and will simply draw a line underneath the entire episode and let it go.

Some days are bad, some are not...I'm looking for some of those not bad ones now...And I think, with my current attitude as it is they're not far off at all.

I hope y'all had a great start to the week and are working on making this week a good one over all.

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