The shells

2개월 전


The pile of shells, like cracked and bleached bones baking in the sun, speak of times past and lives lost. They sit jumbled together, no rhyme no reason, awaiting their slow demise as time and the tides grind them to granules of sand.

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lovely poetry, is this a beach in Australia?

Hey there.. Hope you are doing great. Sorry this is not about your post but You engaged me via the esteem app after I made a comment on your post. So, I was trying to post something and I got a feedback saying I don't have enough resource credit to post.

As I said the other day, it's been months since the last time I used steemit and getting the esteem app kinda brought me back into it.

I went on to make the post via the steemit website instead. Do you know what I can do to be able to make posts via this platform?

I'll be glad if you can also explain the similarities and differences (if any) between the esteem app and the original steemit website


I don't use the Esteem app so can't offer any insight. Sorry.

You can find me on hive. I don't use steem anymore.