True Friendship and Fake Friends

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Friends are suppose o be a shoulder to cry on, a face to smile with, a person to talk to and share moments with but it is very rare to find an amazing friend. Finding a friend that is willing to stand by you, support you, admonish you and always have your back is very difficult to find. It is easy to find precious gems than to find a good friend.


fake friends are no different than shadows, they stick around during your brightest moments, but disappear during your darkest hours.

Life is designed to be difficult and fake friends will make it more difficult for you. It is better you do not have a friend rather than have fake friends. Actually, it is preferable to have a pet if you know those around you are fake friends.

• Fake friends will never support your vision for life:
Your friends are supposed to know you well and should be able to support your vision. When you see someone that always have a reason to turn your goals and vision down especially when they are beneficial to you. They will always give you a comprehensive list of reasons why you can’t do it.

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• They gossip about other people when you are around
If you can say ill things about a person to me, then you can do the same about me to another person. If you succeed at something, they find it hard to acknowledge that you have done something right. They never clap when you achieve something and rather talk about your achievement in a mediocre way.

• They take more than they give you
They always think they are smart and always take advantage of the friendship. They will get things everyone need for themselves only forgetting the fact that you all deserve it. They always want something in return for every favor they are giving.

• Friends always have their backs but fake friends never stand for you
Friends are meant to be back watchers and not back stabbers, they are not meant to ridicule you in the presence of others so as to look good but fake friends do, they make you the laughing stocks in the presence of other people most especially new people.

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• They will leave you for something better when they find one
These people are opportunist, they find better offers and trade your friendship for it as soon as possible. They are willing to let you go when they see better opportunities, they sell you out to people with higher offers.

• They never keep secret
They are never ready to keep you safe as they are ready to spill your secret at every little opportunity. They are willing to say your topmost secret to others around just to make sure you are looking worse every time.

Over time, you must have taught you have the best friend in the world only to find out that they had a few traits from the ones listed here, i will advice you work things out and get things straight or you cut the relationship.
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