Spring Motion. Digital collage/Gif animation.

13일 전


Another digital artwork i recently reworked into a simple animation. The concept was sth green and full of activity to visualize a healthy lifestyle. The butterfly motif is one of my favourites and i use it quite often at my artworks,this time to create a strong contrast with striking green background. The animation was very simple and i really liked the trippy result.

98 healthy kids.jpg

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holy flying applesauce batman!


Hahahaha, looks so indeed:)

That is full of spring, energy and life collage, butterflies fit so well in that picture and that is great idea to let butterfly to fly:)


Thank you so much dear Stef, actually making gifs is the only thing i enjoy in the digital creation of artworks. I hope to find some time soon to work with other animation programms, so far i ve been doing only simple things at Photoshop:)