Perhaps Covid-19 is more of a blessing than a curse


Here in South Africa we are still on lockdown, like most of the rest of the world. I am very sure that just like me, you are all equally tired of Covid-19.  If you open social media it’s Covid-19, and if you switch on the television it’s the same thing.  We are so surrounded by Covid-19 that it has become part of our daily vocabulary. 

Around every corner you look and each page you open there are highlights about Covid-19.  The results of this disease has been absolutely devastating. Some of our loved ones still works because they are essential services, and my heart goes out to the healthcare workers that are working on the frontline. 

Even though this lockdown keeps us safe and hopefully out of harm’s way, I have seen more humanity during this time than ever in my life. It’s like people were suddenly brought to their senses.  During these last six weeks it’s like everyone’s eyes opened and they don’t see colour anymore.  People from different races have come together and they work together to help with survival.  

People help each other in ways that they have never helped before.  They assist the elderly and the most vulnerable in buying groceries and dropping it off, and parents have learned more about the other side of teaching. Hopefully in future, parents will respect teachers more.      

These last few weeks in lockdown has also been so much more than just boredom and anxiety. While we are all stressed about the evil virus, and we don’t know how this diseases will play out, we got to do something that we don’t often do….  

We get to spend more time with our families than we had in years! We have also watched more movies than we had in years, and we have been able to sort out more personal stuff at home.   

Even things that we usually don’t have time for, have already been done and dusted. (I bet your houses are clean from top to bottom and there will be plenty of garage sales after this lockdown.)   

This pandemic has hit us hard, VERY hard and not one person in this world is NOT affected in some way.  Even if all this is negative, we know that there are always light at the end of the tunnel.  

Through all the sadness and heartache, some good came from all of this. We have had the time to reflect over our lives, and we were able to sort out personal relationships. We have had time to bring our minds to a standstill and find ourselves again.   

A lot of things changed, but it is amazing how everyone just adapted. Teachers use online methods to teach children at home, and millions of office workers have been working from home. Even though it might feel like the world is at a standstill it is far from the truth. Most people are still working hard to keep the economy up and running but it’s like everyone had some kind of mind set shift.  People are more relaxed even if they work. 

Artists and entertainers that can’t work at this stage, do live shows on the internet so that they can keep earning.  Most of these artists, have had a very necessary break and they got to spend more time with their families than ever. We have seen some of them in a much more relaxed form than what we usually do.  It’s no more dress up to impress, and it’s not like anyone is complaining.  

One thing that keeps us all standing is the fact that this will eventually pass.  Everything ends, and eventually life will be just as ABNORMAL as it was before the lockdown.  We just have to get through this because there is nothing else that we can do. 

Perhaps Covid-19 is not only a bad disease, and in some ways, it has done more good than we could ever imagine.  It has brought us to our knees, and we have learned to be quiet with ourselves to find the true meaning of life. 



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