The laws of nature - First law- The law of mentalism



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Who of you takes part in sport?

Plenty of you I assume! When we take part in sport, there are certain rules to the game. Each and every type of sport has its own set of rules and regulations. Most of you know the rules of the sport you play by heart, but how many of you know the rules of life?

We are all part of this journey of life. Life is like a sport with rules, and to play this game, we need to stick by the rules. The rules of life are universal and nothing that we do can change the fact that these rules exist or influence our lives in any way. These are laws created by nature, and they are not bound to any religion or similar, but they are the universal laws of nature. We can not add to the rules or take away any of the rules. They are just there and influence our lives daily.

The first law - The law of mentalism


This law is immutable, which means that it is a fixed law and it can not be changed. It's literally mind over matter. If you keep thinking about the same things, then the same things will happen to you over and over again.

If you don't open your mind to new things, your thoughts will not change and you will not explore new things. If you have a strong will and believe in certain things, then it will be difficult to change your mind, but as soon as you change your mindset and open up your mind to new things then you will be open to exploring new roads. The only thing that you need to do to change your life, is to think differently and change your mind.

The power of the mind

All is mind and mind is energy. The law of conservation of energy states the following:

Energy can not be destroyed nor created, but it can be transferred from one object to another.

So what is mind-power?

All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy. This is reality. It does not have to be proven and it is just a fact. If you want to know more about Quantum physics, then please click here. This video is long but it is extremely interesting and might teach you quite a bit.

Our thoughts literally affect what happens to us, and it can most definitely affect the outcome of something. Negative thoughts attract negative results. Negative thoughts have to be replaced with positive thoughts. Negative thoughts and positive thoughts do not mix well. Confusion sets in the second that negative thoughts come into your mind.

What do you want in life?

Most of us do not really know what we want in life, and I had this precise discussion with my students a while ago. I have always believed that you can become whatever you want if you set your mind to it. The big problem is that we don't always know and most of us seek our whole lives for some reason or goal that we have to achieve. 

This can be a very long process so to find out what you want, it is necessary to first know what you don't want.  Once you know what you don't want, you can work towards finding out what you do want.  Make a list of things you don't want and keep it close to you.  Save it on your phone, paste it on the wall at the office but whatever you do, don't lose focus.  This way you will immediately realize when you are on the wrong path and can be reminded often of what you really want.  

It is extremely important to not lose focus. The more you think about achieving these results, the more positive your life will become.

If you focus on the right things then you are literally CHANGING YOUR MIND. You have to be strict with yourself. You can only be a focused individual if you follow the rules. 

Literally motivate yourself daily. Make sure that the list is the first thing that you see in the morning when you wake up, and the last thing that you see before you go to sleep.



References and more resources if you want to explore this law of mentalism.

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