The nurse - Chapter 3


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Jenna got a second breathe when she walked into her apartment.  It was only ten o clock, and she wasn’t tired at all.  She poured herself a glass of wine and switched on the television.  She tried to find a good movie to watch but she distracted by the thoughts of her evening.   

The date with Matthew wasn’t too bad, but she knew that she wouldn’t go out with him again. In fact, she didn’t even think that they could be friends. Some of her fellow nurses were even jealous when he kept asking her out, but they can have him for all she cares. 

Her thoughts wandered back to Joe and the conversation they had. They really hit it off, but Matthew arrived before they could even exchange numbers.  She sighed. 

She drank the last of her wine and went to bed.  


Joe phoned his driver to come to pick him up from the restaurant after Matthew arrived. He had such a rough day and decided to do something he hadn’t done in years. He decided to go to the restaurant bar across the road from the office.  He needed a break and didn’t feel like going home to an empty apartment.  

His partners wanted him to go out with them to celebrate the deal, but the meeting took its toll on his mental health. He worked extremely hard on the proposal and it took hours to convince them to take the deal.  They finally did, but it took a lot of effort and he was just done.  

He couldn’t believe that he nearly choked to death tonight and felt awfully relieved that Jenna was there to help. He had always believed in fate, and it was like they were destined to meet.  She had such a fun personality and he really enjoyed their conversation.  At one point he even wished Matthew would stand her up so that he could take her to dinner instead.  

The doorman opened the door, and Joe went straight upstairs.  He entered his empty apartment and poured himself a drink. He was tired and suddenly very hungry and checked in the fridge for something to eat.  He didn’t have the energy to cook, so he took out some frozen lasagne and heated it in the microwave. While he waited, he switched on his television and finished his drink.  There was nothing he wanted to watch so he fetched his food, quickly ate and went to bed.  

Jenna was the last though that flashed through his mind, before he fell into a deep sleep.  He slept like a log, and the next morning woke up with a refreshed feeling for life.  He quickly took a shower and decided to go out for breakfast.  He needed some alone time, and he bought a magazine on his way to the restaurant.  

Jenna woke up very early.  She had a good rest and didn’t realize actually how tired she was.  She was not in the mood to sit at the apartment all day, so she quickly showered and decided to go eat breakfast.  She hadn’t done this in months.  Her whole life since Tim left, was just about work, but she deserved a little bit of fun.  

She stopped on her way to the restaurant to buy a newspaper and entered the restaurant looking for an empty table.  It was full, and she decided to try the place across the street.  Just as she crossed the road, a car sped by and nearly ran her over, but someone grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the way.  She was shaking when she finally came to her senses and looked up to see who her guardian angel was.  

She smiled.  If this was not fate, then fate did not exist.  

“Are we quits now?” She asked while staring into Joe’s beautiful blue eyes. 

“I’m sure we are.” Joe said and realized she was referring to the peanut incident the previous evening.  

“Can I take you to breakfast for saving my life?” Jenna asked nervously hoping that he would say yes.  

“I was just about to ask you the same thing. “

They both smiled and Jenna held out her arm to Joe.  “Better hang on to me before we both get killed.”

He smiled.  They both knew that this was the beginning of something special, even if they were both nearly killed in the process.  

The end


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