Hike in strange times.

4개월 전

Olbog mountain15.jpg

Had a couple of hours with quite nice weather today before we got a new polar low pressure with wind and snow.

With everything happening with Covid-19 things are quite strange and unreal these days. There is no restrictions to get out when possible, so we used the opportunity to take a hike on a little peak nearby.

Everything is normal outside in great contrast to the everyday life which is turned upside down for all of us. I hope everyone follow the the guidelines that are given so we get through the weeks and months as comes in the best way possible.

It was nice with a little sun, and I hope you also enjoy our hike today.

Olbog mountain6.jpg

The first 2 km we used ski. Up the steep part and to the peak we hiked with snowshoes. It was nice to enjoy this view while the pulse got normal again.

Olbog mountain24.jpg

Olbog mountain26.jpg

Olbog mountain23.jpg

Olbog mountain5.jpg

Nero waiting to catch him up.

Olbog mountain22.jpg

On the plateau the terrain flatten out gave us a quite easy walk in the snow.

Olbog mountain21.jpg

Olbog mountain19.jpg

Olbog mountain20.jpg

Olbog mountain18.jpg

The tracks and route we followed up the mountain.

Olbog mountain14.jpg

On the last leg up we met two reindeer. When the where in "safe" distance they stopped and looked curious at us.

Olbog mountain13.jpg

Olbog mountain9.jpg

Olbob mountain10.jpg

The last leg uphill.

Olbog mountain8.jpg

A couple of old pines stand their ground.

Olbog mountain7.jpg

Olbog mountain11.jpg

Olbog mountain4.jpg

Olbog mountain12.jpg

Olbog mountain17.jpg

Almost up.

Olbog mountain16.jpg

A panorama from the highest point with view towards the fjord. I live in the village beneath the peak in the middle.

Olbog mountain.jpg

Some pictures on the way down from the mountain.

Olbog mountain3.jpg

Olbog mountain2.jpg

Olbog mountain25.jpg

Wish you a great evening and stay safe and healthy.

Best regards

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Such a nice hike in beautiful weather and in amazing snow covered landscapes is so much better than staying at home watching the latest news about the virus on TV all day long - we all should get out like you did and forget for a while what scares the whole world, enjoy our wonderful country and think positive ... you did the right thing Harald, I enjoyed every single photo 😊

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Thank you very much @johannpiber. Yes it is ice to do something else. 😊

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All my pleasure Harald, have a great weekend ... keep thinking positive and stay healthy of course.


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Terrific views! Gosh I missed snow so much. We had a 5 minutes snowing today )) Very warm winter...
Great walk. Take care 💙


Thank you very much. It seems to be little snow in Europe this year. Strange too. Stay safe😊

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Tomorrow, the school where my daughter is studying is being closed for quarantine. Until April 1

So refreshing to see what real winter looks like!


Thanks. Luckily we had periods of real winter this year.

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Wow that is beautiful!!! How nice it must be to just walk outside and have that there waiting for you!

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Yes I am lucky to have the possibility. 😊

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Isn't this virus thing even more unreal when you are out in the open air?
Every morning while I am at my farm, I think it was a bad dream and every evening I read more dystopian news and I can't believe that they are true!


It is a strange situation. Hope everything goes well with us all.

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Nice winter landscape, I love the picture with reindeer. that immediately gives me impression of Christmas. You are lucky you might have not much problem with COVID-19 and relatively safe there :)


Yes reindeer give a feeling of Christmas. Norway is closing down because of COVID-19. All school cultural, sport arrangement and so on is closed. From tomorrow I will work from home. We try to isolate people as most as possible. Hope everything goes well here and the world. You may have similar situation.

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Unfortunately the government in UK thinks that it is not indicated to close schools or nurseries. So everything is open, people traveling throughout UK. But as hospital we cancelled elective OP and few departments are empty now ready to admit patients with suspicion on Virus or with positive. You probably glad to work from home?


I have never did it before, so it is a little strange.

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