A Twin Story: A Rescue Mission

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This is a story about a twin that went on a pirate ship, along with Captain Tiger Lily, seeking wealth and glory... and each other's company. How they got there? That would be another story! We're here to know what happens next:

The twins went for the first mission, and then the next, and the one after that, and every time a mission was accomplished, they would pretend to be drinking with the rest of the pirates, when in reality they were trying to stay sober to spend some time alone after everybody drinks themselves asleep, or unconscious in Greybeard's case. Until one day, Saffi decided she had more than enough money and she didn't need to go digging for more gold. She tried to convince her twin "Hazem" to stay with her and tell her all about his attempts to find her and the ship she was on when he lost contact with her after she had suddenly decided to join Tiger Lily without telling him.

Hazem had another idea, maybe greed drove him, or the pirate instinct he acquired thanks to his new company... who knows? But he decided to go for the gold-digging (little did that help him satisfy his greed).

When the pirates came back on board, they didn't find Saffi!

She was kidnapped by Captain Sunset Sammy, the very pirate Hazem got in a lost fight against before he got rescued and brought on board by James Russell (AKA Greybeard). It appeared Captain Sunset Sammy Had issues with Captain Tiger Lily, so he kidnapped one of her crew and asked for some stupid things he thought he owes her for ransom.

Things got crazy on the ship and people didn't have the chance to celebrate their new gold. They went for the rescue mission right away. Hazem was the only one calm enough, he knew his twin could take care of herself, and knew that Sunset Sammy was no match for her... mind games? no, they were heart games, if that thing even existed. Saffi had a way with hearts, she can make everyone around her love her.

Pirate @Saffisara looking not so scared of being captured

Captain Tiger Lily was so worried and she was pushing and giving orders to everyone around her so that they would go to the black sea, through Istanbul. How did she know they would be there? No one can tell! It must be something between her and that scalawag pirate Captain.

Meanwhile, in the Black Sea, Saffi was tied in the crew's quarters. A storm started, so the pirates hid in the quarters next to her, trembling with fear. Some of them were drinking, others were crying, all of them were in a panic! She pitied them and started telling them a story to comfort them, the story of the zombie and his lover, who became a... hand?

Captain Tiger Lily gathered her pirates to make a plan. Hazem (or pirate Haze as he was called by then) and Greybeard told her they can sneak in Captain Sunset Sammy's ship and rescue Saffi, they defeated those pirates once and they can do it again if they need to. And so it was settled! They would take advantage of the storm and use the rowing boat to sneak, unnoticed, to the enemy ship and take them by surprise.

By then, Saffi was making progress with her ex-kidnappers, they cut her ropes and set her free, and they were chatting about the zombie hero and his cat who saved the world. When that story ended, they started asking her about her life and her adventures. She told them how she got on Tiger Lily's ship, so they turned on Captain Sunset Sammy and helped her take over the ship to go back to her twin.

She was the one in charge and Sunset Sammy was her prisoner when Pirate Haze and Pirate James Russell came on board, their rough hands itching for a good fight, thinking they were rescuing her from that failure of a Captain.

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