A Twin Story: A Twin Gone Rogue

9개월 전

Once upon a pandemic crisis, there was a twin separated by mountains and seas, languages and cultures, but united by hearts.

Hazem was the younger twin (come on... there's always a younger twin!) he lived in Tunisia, while Saffi lived in Sweden. They were contemplating on how to meet.

"The world is in lock-down and there are no flights between the countries, there's no legal way we can meet, twin" Hazem complained.

"Then we find an illegal way if we must!" Yelled Saffi with a bounce of energy "hold on, I think I know what to do."

And then she went out of reach.

Hazem was worried. Where did his crazy twin go? She was always impulsive and unpredictable, which annoyed him sometimes (and maybe made him love her even more). Why didn't she tell him what she was thinking of, and where she was going so that he can follow? Isn't that the main idea of... meeting?

He kept searching for a week, using all the legal and illegal resources he could come up with until he got a clue -- a possibility... He wasn't sure about it but he decided to follow it, he had to find Saffi.

A famous sailor AND photographer, known as Bluefin, posted a photo of the Baltic sea. The only possibility for that American sailor to be near eastern Europe, Hazem thought, was if he joined his pirate friend, the fearsome captain Tiger Lily, and cross the ocean on her pirate ship, he couldn't have done it on his small boat anyway. Maybe, just maybe, Saffi saw the photo too, figured out Captain Tiger Lily's whereabouts, and decided to join her. Maybe she thought she could convince her to come to Tunisia.

Now the problem was, Hazem knew too well that pirates would never do things out of kindness, (of course that was before he met Captain Tiger Lily), so he decided to spread a rumor that there's a treasure hidden in the Mediterranean sea, very close to a Tunisian beach.

All he had to do then was wait for the Pirates to come. Of course, there were not many pirate ships circulating lately, only two came a few days later. He had to mislead the first comers to some fake treasure chests so they'd leave with disappointment, the others were more dangerous and they started making trouble in his country as soon as they came, fighting and rubbing and even killing. They had no respect for any rules of civilization!

Hazem started to drawn in despair; his attempts to find his twin, not only failed but also brought this evil upon his loved country!

His life started seeming meaningless to him. He got into a fight with those trouble makers, a losing fight that could have cost him his life if not for a man with a grey beard and a funny hat who backed him up and helped him defeat the naughty pirate captain called Sunset Sammy and his crew.

That mysterious man who came out of nowhere was the dangerous pirate James Russell, sent by Captain Tiger Lily to get information about the treasure they were hearing about. When Hazem told James the whole story, James said he hadn't met Saffi but offered him a place on board so he could sail around the world looking for his twin.

The second Hazem stepped on Tiger Lily's ship, he caught sight of Saffi; It turned out James was drunk all the time when he was on the ship, that's why he didn't notice her.

And so the twins went with the pirates, seeking wealth and glory... and each other's company.

To Be Continued

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