My Love For Flowers

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I love flowers ever since I was a young little non-walking creature. I remember my first drawings were flowers because they are pretty amazing. I mean, they are sweet, colorful, pleasant to the eyes, feed the bees and other insects, can be used as a herbal whatever, can be gifted to show gratitude, can be a symbol of lots of things, etc etc. Well of course, as a dramatic artist, I usually put flowers in most of my paintings because to me it symbolizes vulnerability and growth, which I could also see myself in these words.


Reminds you of Vincent van Gogh? Yes, I love him! That oil paint you're seeing there is a van Gogh brand. And I am also using a Lukas brand which Vincent van Gogh himself used back in his day. What a fangirl lol.

So back in college, one of our subjects' requirement was to display our works at a local establishment. Banks, coffee shops, schools... it doesn't matter what type of establishment as long as you propose and display your works. Sounds easy, but no it wasn't. Lol. Anyway, so these decorative paintings were made specially for this project.


This book was my source of inspiration and references for the flowers. This was published in 1969 but was given to my mother in 1997, 5 months after I was born. It has thousands of photos of flowers and plants of different species and such. Just an awesome book!


When I paint flowers (for the sole purpose of decorating and therapy for myself), I usually use the impasto technique. Well, I like thick paintings. I always want to see the texture from brush strokes and I hate a smoothie-thin layers of paint in a canvas. Another reason for me getting fascinated with the technique is that it helps me achieve satisfaction and have fewer regrets. Cos I always mix lots of paint, a lot more than what I actually need because I have the anxiety of 'what if I'll need more of this shade and I cannot mix them exactly how I mixed them before' and the anxiety of not being enough. :( So when I use impasto, I can put the excess paint wherever and however I want and it will still look good. :D


That is how I like them, thicc!



I was clearly enjoying the process. It's like sculpting at the same time.


My rag looked like a Monet painting lol.



So after finishing the paintings, we talked to the manager at a local cafe in the heart of the city and displayed my works. This was displayed in the conference room. Was just a simple presentation cos I ain't got no time for a bigger proposal since I was having my research papers, loads of paintings for finals, doing a documentary film, and having my therapy (counseling) at the same time. I wonder how I did them all too.


None of the paintings were sold. I don't sell them. The one at the top was given to my client who became a friend and is a good person. That yellow one was given to my psychotherapist because I appreciate all her help and for listening to my drama and emotional breakdowns back in 2016 hahaha. The other two are displayed in my room.

That's all. :D

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