I'm done with my website!

2년 전

As a young artist, I know that at some point in my life I will need to have my own website so I could put all my works in one place. It isn't needed now, especially I don't have many clients or exhibitions yet and especially now that I still don't have one style yet but I thought of starting as early as now so I won't have to think about it in the future when I'm busier.

In early January, @rasamuel, who became one of my closest friends since I started on Steem, helped me with the domain and web hosting (since I know nothing about them). When I got access to the site, at first I had no idea what to do! I had to ask him all the time about everything in there. Then I kinda learned and understand how to work with Wordpress and I just explored and experimented on different looks.


I didn't have a tablet yet at that time so I had to ask for @spintwister's assistance with making the logo. At that part, I couldn't decide easily because I want the icon to look good and simple, without it being less visible on a browser's tab.

Being the indecisive one, It took me quite a while to decide what I wanted for the final look of the site as well. lol. I want it to be simple with some texts on Home section, but I don't focus on commissions or offering services at the moment (such as workshops, etc) and I don't want the site to look like I am a 'company' so I just went minimalist on it.



The homepage. That is a detail of one of my paintings Repressed Memories.

Then I had to write an artist's profile. It's hard to explain who you are and what you do exactly, in my opinion, so I had to think about it thoroughly lol.

About Me




And the paintings page which shows selected paintings from 2015-present.

I was planning to put a Shop page where I can sell my prints there but selling prints is too complicated at the moment so I didn't add it yet.

I enjoyed compiling my works and building my website and I surely learned a lot!

If you want to visit the site, you can click here.

Would appreciate if you do!


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Ha, I hate to shill myself, but I'll be visiting your website today. Congrats on its completion - I'm sure you have a lot more in mind for it as well. I also have a website myself, if you don't mind taking a look... Us artist-types have to stick together, ya know!


Yeah I do! The feeling is so good that you know you can make changes yourself, and not call your friend everytime you want changes. And woah thanks for sharing your site as well! I haven't been able to see your works up close like this. I love seeing them being compiled in one place and I love your photos, especially the black and white ones!! <3

The website looks pretty but what actually caught my eyes was your picture ( i believe that is you). You are as pretty as your paintings and I have come to admire your art so much. They feel like they are trying to tell a story and a get deep dark vibes from your paintings. I would love to visit your website to see more from you.

P.s I clicked the bitch dont click tab and honestly it was pretty hot.
You seem to be a free soul.


Thank you!! Yeah that was me. And lol yeah I love that page, makes me go free with whatever I want to put there without having to worry about what clients think of me (since there's a warning to Don't Click lol). Thank you for visiting and appreciating my art. :)


I wish you a lot of success for your website. I hope you get a lot of clients that will pay a lot of money. I just loved the way . No wonder you are such a good artist because you are a free soul.

I like it, very stylish!


Thanks a lot! :D

You did such a great job it's unbelievable! Kick ass!

  ·  2년 전

Congratulations, Hiddie! Nice, light and girly site you have now. I like :)
Arr, Arr!!


Haha thank you aaarr!!! I'm so glad you like it :D

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