What are you going to do once things go back to normal?

11개월 전


I'll go to the beach.

Well, not in an instant because pretty sure others will, too and the beaches will be crowded by that time. I don't want to be in a crowded place. I want to be in a peaceful one.

I want to hear the sound of the waves, birds chirping, the wind hitting the leaves of the trees... I'll probably even paint there.

By the looks of it, seems like this will go on for months. The nature is healing which is really good, yep, but I certainly hope the children are fine in their homes and not abused by their parents. And I hope the couples are doing their best to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Don't want to see more unexpected babies because I hate seeing kids grow up in a broken/unprepared/shitty families. :)

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Beach does for sure heal. It just lets you forget about the nonsense and shows you what's real. <3

The new though, is already talking about couples getting into fights because they are just stuck in the house and can't take each other anymore. We should see the courts filled with angry couples after the quarantine.


Lol, maybe. But on the brighter side, now's the best time for them to know each other. It's better to divorce early than when it's too late 😀


Hahaha if you want to look at it that way. :D
Sure that could be a solution as well they stay close to each other so much that they know they are not gonna spend any more time with that person.

I'm really not sure but I'll try to get my life on track real fast.


You can do it man!

I'll be going to see all my grandkids. Right now I'm staying away, just in case but I miss the lil stinkers


That's a good choice and it will be for the better of everybody. Have fun with them soon!

Beach sounds like a paradise right now. 💛

Please teach me how to make $50 on a post wow!!!

There is no going back to "normal..."

Italy to visit family.


I’m serious. I’m from Calabria.

I appreciate your creativity, dear @hiddenblade!
@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗



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When this time is over, I will sit back, relax and enjoy my crypto investment growing. I have been investing in crypto because I believe economy will experience great uptrend when this moment is all over.


I wil go have dinner at an all u can eat chinese place. And after that hang out with friends.


Chinese food is really tasty and delicious!

I'd like to be able to save up and buy some land.

It's surprisingly affordable when there isn't a massive cardboard box they put on it after plowing under all the plants and trees.


Nice! Good luck!! Hopefully, I can soon, too!

Parole sante!
Questa è un'esperienza per tutti, un periodo che chissà quando finirà.

Faint without breath :D D:

crawl in sunshine :D


After this covid? Nah you gonna faint soon with your 12 min non-breathing technique hahaha

Yes the beach! Ahhh! I really hope we will be allowed to do those things again.

Agreed on the kids thing!


Yeah hope we will be allowed soon. Aside from this covid-19 thing, I have been stressed lately too. So the beach will be one of the destinations.

I'm going to go to my grandparents' house to give them a big hug, when this is all over :)


That's so sweet! And good thing you're staying away from them at the moment. It's good for them

Probably first visit my elderly parents who are stuck in another country where I have no way of getting to them.

After that, camping and walking in the hills. I need to get away and experience some beautiful countryside to remind myself how beautiful life can be.


That's sweet. Ah I miss going on hikings too! The nature and the adventure of it are just so refreshing.


I miss it so much - my four walls not adventurous or refreshing at all!!

I know, it does sound banal, I rarely go out but I love to go to a bistrot where they serve a delicious selection of artisanal beers; I miss so much my coffee stout

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Quite serene and your words really moved me . It's my intense desire to visit place like this in summer. I hope we will do away with pandemic soon and begin to visit such areas to soothe our souls.