A Prediction of 800 Years ago of Shah Naimatullah !!


Naimatuallah was a Muslim Suffi pious who perdicted eight hundreds years ago about the world future. From the appearance of British Merchants to their departure from Indian Subcontinent, from the introduction of Pakistan to breaking of Pakistan and different destiny wars with a purpose to be fought are referred to with an accuracy of precise year, month and even days.

Predictions of Niamatullah have been so inspiring and correct that British Government had abandoned his book and all of the published copies have been burnt.

Reason of this action was yet some other prediction which said, “Rule of British over India would final less than one hundred years” and British Government never appreciated any prophecy that could point out their time of demise. British Rule resulted in 1947 after 90 years of ruling over Indian Subcontinent.

According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, India will go through 4 wars with Pakistan. In the mild of his predictions, it's far concluded that there have been such wars seeing that their independence in 1947.

Niamatullah referred to struggle of 65 would be the first battle between India and Pakistan and it might remain 17 days. He also expected that flag bearer of India might die on the negotiations table. Indian Prime Minister, Mr Shastri died in Tashkent because of coronary heart attack.

Niamatullah expected that the second battle with India could damage Pakistan and in 71, East Pakistan separated as Bangladesh.

According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, the third war can be a regional warfare as a way to take place in the area comprising Chtral, Nangaperbat, Gilgit and Tibet. The struggle may be primarily based on false accusations and could erupt suddenly.

The struggle will continue to be undecided however as a result; an internal battle inside India would arise. As a result, whole Hind will undergo a chaos and turmoil.. And in order to be beginning of GhazwatulHind.

Ghazwatul Hind, the 4th and final battle could be fought and could be a decisive war. Warriors from the four corners could be part of arms and make an alliance towards Hind and could conquer Hind up to the river Ganga. Niamatullah describes this fierce battle will ultimate 6 years (noted as 6 months in few verses) and can be devastating for the mankind.

According to different Muslim Saints, the struggle will assassinate hundreds of thousands and handiest someone in 6 miles radius could survive to light a lamp at night.

Today we realize an estimated energy of 100-two hundred KT Nuclear weapon is nearly the same and it would take away life inside the place of roughly 6-8 miles diameter. India and Pakistan end up Nuclear Powers in yr 1998 and both have Nuclear weapons able to such destruction.

Consequently, it won’t be a wonder if simplest one man or woman in 6 miles radius would continue to exist to light a lamp at night.

I don know what will be happening in the world. I love this world. I don understand that who is indian, Pakistan or Bangladeshi. Just I know, we are human being and want peace to survive in the world.

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