Exercising my witness vote for the 1st time, have you voted yet?


Hi Steemit Friends,

I go away a few days and so much have happened. It's like catching up on a soap opera! After catching up on most things, I realised I haven't voted for witness ever! I knew I need to do something but with so little SP, what help can I be? No matter you have 10sp, 100sp or 10k sp, every vote helps.

So here I go and voted on some of the names I am familiar with and some projects I have used or know of that was on the blockchain.

My vote is minimal with just 3000+ sp but I have put in my share. Now it is your turn! Have you voted yet or have any spare votes? Cast your votes to voice your opinion.



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Sometimes I'm away for a few days and I come back to find out I missed some interesting developments. I can't imagine how is to come back and find this mess : )

Congratulations @japanguide! You received a personal award!

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