It doesn’t happen often, but I have these days where I feel almost everything I touch turns to art of some kind. Believe me, my followers on Instagram think I do that far more than I really do. I have a tremendous output. I’m prolific, not because I wake up every morning feeling that I have to create some ground breaking visual interpretation of the world, but because I’m a freelance artist, and if I don’t put out every damn day, I can’t have a house, a car or a family. I’m not mused day in and day out. I’m just here so often, eventually the muse and I cross paths.

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I’ve been investing, and one of my investments came in the mail today. I bought a drone. A DJI Mavic Air 2. Over the last several weeks, I’ve cozied up with @threespeak, as video and VLOGing is something I’m looking at as part of my career transition in the next five years. Going forward, we’ll get much more familiar as the drone is a big part of me being able to go out, record stream of consciousness type VLOG’s […similar to the ones @exyle used to do, which I do miss a lot]. I can talk about blockchain, art, anything.

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