Any one who tried this for their baby fish?



Anyone tried this fish food? I just brought this one earlier but still I'm doubtful about the amount to be given on every meal. This kind of food is a dried tubiflex and tubiflex is a great live food for our fishes specially guppies and bettas as they contain higher proteins.

As I'm so in love with photography and already had have various collections of #animals , #nature , #plants , #foods , #travel , #sunsets , #sunrise , and so much more, I want to share all of them for the world to see how so blessed we are to still have the chance to get hold of them and take a good look at them. We may have seen them everyday but what's the great things when it comes to God's creation was that it stays unique on each of every days.

I hope to see one of yours and it will be my pleasure to upvote it once seen worthy. 😍🥰

Thanks for passing by and Godspeed! :)
May the force be with us.


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Are these dried cubes?
It really depends how often you feed your fishes and their size. When I was little I used to have an aquarium and we used these (the dried ones) before and I could stick them on the glass so that it soaks in and is stuck there for the fishes to attempt to pull it off to eat. Kind of a good exercise for them.
Regarding is it suitable for a day to day basis, I don't see a problem; but you may need to clean your tank more often.


Ooh thanks @dses for the guide 😊 I just feed them once a day with this dried tubiflex then on the next day I'll be using the live foods. I tend to change their water also every after 3-5 days to avoid ammonia concentration . 😊😊

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That sounds like a good plan.