Weathering With The Sun 10






As I'm so in love with photography and already had have various collections of #animals , #nature , #plants , #foods , #travel , #sunsets , #sunrise , and so much more, I want to share all of them for the world to see how so blessed we are to still have the chance to get hold of them and take a good look at them. We may have seen them everyday but what's the great things when it comes to God's creation was that it stays unique on each of every days.

I hope to see one of yours and it will be my pleasure to upvote it once seen worthy. 😍🥰

Thanks for passing by and Godspeed! :)
May the force be with us.



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Have you watched , this anime named Weathering With You , kinda your post Title sound like that.


yes 🥰🥰 that's a sequel to What's Your Name, right @pawanregmi28 ?


It is and it is not too , its theme shows the change in human feeling under the change of weather.
If i am to explain your post title 'Weathering with the sun' it means the both you and sun is fighting (taking action) and being changing your consciousness of feelings accordance to the change in weather


Well that's deep. 😊😊 And can't argue with that.

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thanks @dsc-r2cornell 😉😊😊