49 hour flash tip to Osaka (Revisiting travels)


In June I went on a 49 hour flash trip to Osaka, where the trip’s itinerary was shop, eat, drink, eat, shop, eat and eat!
六月份去了一趟大阪49小時快閃旅行,行程包括購物,吃,喝,吃,購物,吃再吃 !sum15.jpg
Our first stop was the famous Dotonbori area. The epicenter is the main crossroads where the famous Shin Sai Bashi Suji shopping area crosses the river. The 6.5m mechanical crab is on one side, and the Glico Man neon sign is on the other. The Glico man has occupied the same advertising spot since 1935, which is even 20 years longer than the Coca Cola neon sign that has been at the same spot at Piccadilly Circus in central London.




The highlight of the trip, particularly for my other half was the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery. During the tour, the aroma of whisky came gushing out as soon as we entered the warehouse.

Staying there for less than 10 minutes was enough to make me a bit tipsy even before the whisky tasting session had started. By the end of the tasting session I was giggling on the way out as I’ve never drank that much whisky before.
參觀行程還包括試4小杯威士忌,一生人都不曾一次過喝那麼多烈酒,離桌時感覺腳步輕盈,很開心 !sum6.jpg


My other half then tried a couple of the premium whisky at the tasting counter as the full bottles are very expensive (50k yen/ $450 at Osaka airport), yet here they were about 1/4 of London whisky bar prices. I think (I was still a bit tipsy at that point) he said something about Yamazaki 18 reminded him of sad but beautiful memories and Hibiki 21 being an exceptionally good whisky even though he’s not normally a fan of blended whisky.
之後我的另一半到酒吧區試名釀。平常整瓶價格太昂貴(在大阪機埸見到5萬日元/$450),但這裡一小杯卻是倫敦威士忌吧 1/4價錢,他一定不會放棄這大好機會。我在還帶著醉意下,好像聽到他品評山崎18會帶出哀傷感,而響21卻出奇地香醇,平常他不喜歡調和威士忌,但對響 21卻讚不絕口。sum9.jpg

Osaka is a great place to play, shop and eat which were the only things we did throughout our short stay. There was even a hall full of gacha vending machines at the airport for people who still had some loose change leftover from shopping . Gacha are capsule toys based on popular Japanese cartoon characters and the fun is not knowing which particular figure you could end up with.




49 hours is way too short for an Osaka break, though to be selfish it started to rain quite heavily as we were leaving so I guess that made me feel a little better!

This is part of my Revisiting Travels series, a repost of my post that I first posted two years ago

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