Vegan Ice Cream with fruits (ENG/ PT/ DE)

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I thought I would take a few photos of my veggie Monday and submit this to the lovely @lenasveganliving
I hope you like my entry! If you are interested in this beautiful entering yourself, check out Lena's profile and the #FruitsAndVeggiesMonday Competition! Thanks also to the host @plantstoplanks and sponsor @donkeypong!

Vegan ice cream - frozen fruits

Homemade ice cream is still the best, especially in fruity vegan variation.
Enough minerals and vitamins to keep you fit and healthy.

I have recorded and noted everything on the pictures, take a look by yourself.
Do you make your own ice cream?

Bon Appetit






Pensei em tirar algumas fotos da minha segunda-feira vegetariana e enviar isto para a adorável @lenasveganliving
Espero que gostes da minha entrada! Se você está interessado nesta bela participação, confira o perfil da Lena e o concurso #FruitsAndVeggiesMonday! Obrigado também ao anfitrião @plantstoplanks e ao patrocinador @donkeypong!

Sorvete vegan - frutas congeladas

O sorvete caseiro ainda é o melhor, especialmente na variação vegana frutada.
Suficientes minerais e vitaminas para o manter em forma e saudável.

Eu gravei e anotei tudo nas fotos, dê uma olhada por si mesmo.
Você faz o seu próprio gelado?

Bom apetite





Ich dachte, ich würde ein paar Fotos von meinem Veggie-Montag machen und dies der liebenswerten @lenasveganliving widmen.
Ich hoffe euch gefällt mein Beitrag! Wenn ihr an diesem schönen Event teilnehmen möchtet, schaut euch Lena's Profil und den #FruitsAndVeggiesMonday Competition an!
Ein dickes Danke auch an @plantstoplanks fundierte Unterstützung und an @donkeypong für das Sponsoring!

Veganer Eiscreme - gefrorene Früchte

Selbstgemachtes Eis ist doch noch das beste, vorallem in fruchtiger Veganer Variation.
Genug Mineralien und Vitamine dazu, dann bleibt man auch fit und gesund.

Ich habe alles auf den Bildern festgehalten und notiert, schaut gern selbst.
Macht ihr euer Eis selbst?

Bon Appetit

text and pictures made by myself. Peace


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So yummy! I actually got inspired to make some granola bars using dates and some maple leaf sirup thanks to just seeing your inspiring posts. The preparation collage pictures are awesome! Lovely post!


Let me know when you will post it or send me a link. Wanna see the yummiest :)


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What a wonderful example of a food review! Beautiful photographs, three different languages... outstanding! I see you still use my #thoughtfuldailypost tag, and thank you my friend. I've been dealing with some health issues lately, so not very active... but wanted to say hello and thank you for such positive energy and content !tip


Yeah, for me healthy and good food is a #thoughtfuldailypost hope it's OK? Best wishes to you my friend. Hope you are boosting your immune system well. Hugs out to you


More than ok dear friend. You have been SUCH a positive force in my movement. Thank you...

Yes... I am utilizing cannabis as well as elderberry and achanaecha tinctures. I try as much as I can to stay natural...


Same with me. Cannabis is an underrated plan, you can do everything with this holy plant, proteins, build a house, clothes softer than silk and more..... 😁🦄 I total agree.
I will spread more positive vibes with my colorful food. Specially for you now. Hugs to you.

Everything looks really good.

Another delicious Monday offering! It's starting to warm up here now, so nice cream will be a staple soon. :)

Superfood delight! 💜🌿💜



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That looks delicious! Its so colorful and creamy, beautiful pictures. - @fenngen

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