No Spend Day 8

2년 전


Day 8 going so good. I also try doing intermittent fasting again to help me curb my snacking tendencies. I learned that I am not hungry but bored. So whenever I feel like I want to eat, I fill up myself with water. I have my meal very late in the night and I do about 12 hours fast. Today, I am doing 16 hours fast with 8 hours window eating. I started to see my goals very clearly and not tempted anymore to buy things I don't necessarily need. I started sleeping solid 7-8 hours a day with better bowel movements in the morning. So, that's a good thing. I also learned that I don't wake up with a foggy brain anymore. So, that's also a good thing. Hence why, I think my intermittent fasting helps with my no spend day 8 challenge as well.

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