The End of No Spend Challenge Notes

7개월 전

I could not believe it was 14 days ago I started the challenge. I thought it was going to be an easy journey controlling a part of my impulse on shopping. It turns out, it was not. I even broke the challenge three days in. I bought Retro NES controller because my impulses told me to. I still use it though and it has helped me curb my anxiety just like a fidget spinner would do.

Throughout the last 14 days, I noticed that the more I am on social media like instagram, the more I am compelled to purchase things. Instagram is not merely a simple social media, it is a market place, a magazine where you can showcase your products whatever that is, including yourself.


Photo by michaeli via Unsplash

It is important to keep an eye on these things. Removing the distractions in order to become better can be necessary. For my case, lessening my instagram view is necessary to help me avoid overspending and wanting to buy anything that is on sale.There are many things that I don't need but when viewing sites like instagram, they create urgency for me to buy things.

From this 14 days, I learned that my spending is on the loose. I don't have a budget and it's why I always have more days on my money. I also learned that budgeting is very important,despite writing about it numerous time on my blog. Another thing that relates to budgeting is the idea of essentialism. What do you need to live your life day to day? do you need excessive food? coffee? clothings? hundreds of lego? I found out, I only need less of coffee, more nourishing food and more sleep. Things are barely on the list of my essentials.

If you want to evaluate your life, try the no spend challenge. That is because money is undeniably correlates to happiness for some people. It may not be the case for you but for me, it is. Having money makes me able to help those in need and myself. Now, I learned that I have bad control over my money but the 14 days challenge helped me realize and re-strategize my approach on financial matters. '' What do you really need in order your day to work productively and bringing you happiness?''

~ signing out

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