The impact of mobile phones on people's lives.


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Social acceptance that technology is something that makes our work easier and quicker. The society has come to a breakthrough defined by economic theories such as technology to develop, to improve efficiency, productivity and productivity. By these definitions, modern society is highly developed.

Modern people do not have the leisure and mental freedom that the world had so much earlier. Not only that. Modern humans are not as healthy as humans in those advanced ages. We boast of a society that has deprived us of leisure and good health as well as of a better life. In that sense, there seems to be a contradiction in what we mean and what we are actually experiencing. Unless a solution can be made to eliminate that contradiction, we cannot stop being weak people in a developed and strong world.


Before going back, you have to look at your present home. Most of us have electricity at home. There is also electronic equipment. 95% of Sri Lanka's electricity supply population is high. Since electricity is available, many electrical components are connected to our work in everyday life. Among these things, the mobile device is the closest device we have.

If we ask you what the advantages of mobile phones are, then you have many answers. Even though we want to be with someone who is far away from time to time, the modern telephone helps us to communicate. If you own a state-of-the-art mobile phone, it means that you own a computer, a good camera, a television, and many other accessories. All of this helps you get things done quickly, easily and in many ways. Did you have a problem with the mobile phone? We need some time to answer that question. The point is, yes or no, it is impossible to say no. Anyone who does not do this will become sick with technology.

What we are talking about is not directly connected to the mobile phone. Apart from the common pitfalls of being an electronic device, we are not embroiled in this mobile phone. The problem is, of course, in our use of mobile phones. Simply put, we have very little discipline when it comes to mobile phones.

How would you feel if you didn't have a cellphone? Do you feel isolated and relieved to a certain extent by having to deal with the external? Or do you feel like you have lost a close friend, wanting to get on the phone as fast as possible? The answer to that question depends on whether or not the mobile phone is comfortable for you. If you answered yes to any one of these two questions, then it means that the mobile phone has had an unwanted impact on your life.

If you feel comfortable in the absence of a mobile phone, it means that you have lost that comfort when you have a mobile phone. Also, when you don't have a mobile phone, you feel uncomfortable because you are so addicted to the mobile phone. Addiction does not make you feel comfortable. Addiction is something that can sometimes lead to a major crisis. You may find it difficult to feel nervous at times. Not being able to deal with your cell phone can sometimes cause you to be irritable, even angry. It's not a good trend.


Many people find it difficult to stay connected to the cell phone when eating, on the sidewalk, or on the go. The mobile phone trend is so powerful that sometimes you have no idea what you are eating, what you are saying or where you are going. The result of the mobile telephone revolution is a world of chaos. The bed, the toilet, and even the mobile phone have a lifetime.

The era of mobile phones is very efficient when it comes to sharing a message in the past and responding to it. In just a few seconds, messages are exchanged and ideas flow. But the same inefficiency does not interfere, and some communications are terminated by tragedies. The best solution is to deal with technology with self discipline and restraint. Thanks for the understanding.

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