Autodesk Sketchbook: Surprise Portrait for a Birthday Celebrant

5개월 전


I actually like people that are caring. They are the ones who decide that they need to surprise their friends on their particular occasions. Over the years, let's say 30% of the arts I have done have been for friends or family celebrating one kind of stuff.

I started by outlining the full body before moving to the hair and then proceeding to shade to whole body. Actually, I wasted time completing this artwork. Took me 7 hours even though it was not like it was extremely challenging.

But guess what? She loved it and thanked me. Proud moments as an artist

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro






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What a thoughtful and lovely way to wish someone on their special day, very fluid finish to the art, yes it turned out great!

@tipu curate


Thanks alot for the compliments. I'll be happy to make one for you on your special day too 😉

I actually like people that are caring.

I think, so does everyone, lol.


Well yeah. I especially have a soft spot for em. 😋