Sketchbook: Blow Some Kisses!! It's Will Smith

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When I now think of it, I think I have a lot of Hollywood actors I like. Will Smith happens to me one of them and I just decided to draw him. I've been drawing celebrities these days because their pictures can represent an art nicely.

As an Actor, I like his charisma, the way he interpreters his role so nicely and the magic touch he adds to it. His Men in Black movie really got me hooked on to his persona and I've been an active and ardent fan ever since. His "Hancock" movie equally killed it for me and I spent alot of time playing the game on my java mobile.

Okay I actually thought this would be easy peesy because I would only be drawing and sketching as far as the neck and I started out well.. Until everything spiralled into chaos. How did it happen? The shading method I uncovered which is to shade only the area covered by shadows, I over did it. The sketch was so faint and less dense that it lacked the transition between the first shadows. I thought I was doing good until I revealed the complexion layer to see how nicely it blended but I was left with more disappointments than hopes.

I abandoned the work out of frustration for a whole day just to clear my head. It wasn't a nice feeling. I couldn't believe I would have moments as this given how far I have come but then, it is just a reality check. I mean, I almost thought I couldn't do the picture and I was about choosing another one before I said I should pause and come back later. It worked out quite well.

I deleted the two terrible layers and started afresh and I think it was better this time. I was motivated to continue and I did well to finish it up.

What's funny?

I actually finished the whole artwork, added the final touch, embedded my watermark before I realised that I forgot the earrings. Funny to say but it wasn't really fun


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