SKETCHBOOK: Ok this is super random but... Wait, what?

4개월 전

It's been almost two years when I last drew something using this method and that was for John Cena. It came out good too and I did not like actually planned to do that now. The idea just came spontaneously while scrolling through a website and I saw the picture. Well.the dog's facial expression caught my eye and I thought to myself

.. Why not?

Doing it this way means I don't have to worry about complexion but then that doesn't make it any easier. Complexion makes it easier to get highlights but then by just reliant on two colours (White and black)... You have to think differently.

I shaded with shades of black.. Heavy, light, feint. And erasing the feint a little in the middle with the soft eraser creates the perfect transition from. Black to white. That makes our highlight. Like I said, it has been over a year that I last did this so don't hit me so hard. I'll get better. Until I can comfortable use this for humans and see how it goes.

How well do you rate it though?



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