Review your witness votes NOW!!! Remove your votes from the following witnesses who have shut down their servers and help Steem. More than 65 mill SP is of no use at the moment.

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It is now or never fellas.

The last few days the entire Steem community, real people, have been fighting for everything decentralization stands for. In case you need a reminder....

2020-03-07 20_27_52-Decentralization - Wikipedia.png

And this is exactly what we are trying to prevent here. That a central authority, in this particular case (Justin Sun) who happens to hold a massive STEEM stake that was never supposed to be used to determine the governance of the blockchain isn't gonna be the decision maker, because apparently, Steem's future doesn't seem so bright if we allow him to take full control of the situation...

And this isn't my opinion only. Hundreds of Steemians feel the very same way as I do and Justin's tactics and lies are all over the web...

That being said this is how you can help Steem to be safe.

I made a quick research using @steempeak. It appears that lots of people still haven't reviewed their votes and still vote for some witnesses that have shut down their servers either recently or...long ago...

Just so you know, more than 65 mill SP is of no use at the moment and that's because hundreds of users still vote either with their main account or with their alt accounts for the following disabled servers:

@steemhunt ---> 25.533 mill MV

@smooth.witness ---> 22.641 mill MV

@reggaemuffin---> 10.392 mill MV

@utopian-io ---> 8.944 mill MV

@xeldal ---> 8.346 mill MV

@steemed ---> 7.663 mill MV

@teamsteem ---> 6.075 mill MV

@partiko ---> 5.833 mill MV

@liberosist ---> 5.741 mill MV

@jerrybanfield ---> 5.026 mill MV

@furion ---> 4.892 mill MV

@oracle-d ---> 4.188 mill MV

@helpie ---> 3.954 mill MV

@wackou ---> 3.733 mill MV

@chitty ---> 3.612 mill MV

@roadscape ---> 3.257 mill MV

I am pretty sure that if you once voted for these accounts then you know exactly what to do next.

Spread the word...let your friends and members of the communities you are part of know that they should remove their votes from these witnesses and help the ones who are giving a fight so that Steem can survive that battle...

Did you really think that Justin will just sit there and watch?

Nope. Since there is no more liquidity on Binance, on Poloniex and Huobi any more, he keeps empowering his accounts via Bittrex this time...

2020-03-07 21_27_18-.png

2020-03-07 21_27_35-SteemWorld ~ @hkdev404.png

2020-03-07 21_27_52-SteemWorld ~ @hkdev404.png

This particular account keeps getting stronger and is now holding more than 3.2 mill SP.

Bottom line is that we keep looking for alternatives when more than enough SP to fix this mess is right before our eyes...

Have a good one people...and don't get to comfortable...keep pushing.



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What about the Witnesses that are now doing a Full Powerdown ?


I hear some of them do that for upkeep of their servers. A good bet is to only vote For witnesses you have familiarity with ( or at least get to know them)

Proxy steem votes could be the option

And these dead accounts have been bought up in the past about auto removing and returning the vote to the voters, however in the past the witnesses did not want to fix the witness system, some I am sure felt that they would lose their rankings.

We have seen post from individuals and from witnesses that want guarantees from Justin Sun/Tron about how he will proceeded if the block is removed, I have yet to see any post from users or witnesses asking for guarantees that the witness will fix the witness vote system, yes talk but no promises of even looking at or trying to fix the weak link in the system.


+1 for vote decay, now.

  ·  3년 전

I agree that there should be an auto boot system to preserve votes for a better witness.

I've pretty much done what I can, including powering up almost 1150 more Steem; re-steeming this...


Thank you. We should reach out to every single user out there. Apparently there is more than enough SP to have consensus.

You are fully committed. Hats off

Amazing research work friend, thank you for your service to the real Steemit community :)

I've done what I can, but will now resteem (on all my accounts if I can)

I wonder, out of that amount you mention we could use to fight, how much of it belongs to members who stopped coming to steemit because of big accounts flagging them for political or other personal reasons. I know of a number, so I have a suspicion the number is large enough that if they were still with us, we'd have a better chance of winning.

If I am right, it is those big ones who stand to lose the most? I hope so.

In the meantime, I add my plea to all those who want to see this platform remain free and decentralised, please, everyone, vote for our witnesses

(on the legals side...I am not an attorney, but was wondering, could we apply for a court order to freeze everything as there is a dispute about the SP given to Justin by ned - it might give us time to organise better).


I don't really know if those accounts are still active...but the stake is there. Even 1/3 of it is enough to completely change the rankings.

(on the legals side...I am not an attorney, but was wondering, could we apply for a court order to freeze everything as there is a dispute about the SP given to Justin by ned - it might give us time to organise better)

I am pretty sure there are members of our community who can answer that, unfortunately little do I know about laws.

Thanks for the RS


M8 u are bang on with the comment about users who left the platform because of disgusting despotic tyranny carried out by a certain self voting witness and supported by part of community( who happens to be receiving large votes on regular basis) circumvent voting you call it? 300$ for a one sentence post laughable.

I even considered voting for Justin hoping might be some changes to the better.(I haven't just a spectator at mo)

As to the court order on what basis?
The stake was steemits
They promised not to use it ( not legally binding anyway ) and they didn't
They sold it
Moral maybe not but this is business and law, morality has fuck all to do with it,sad but true.

As to witnesses I'm sure there are good ones there otherwise there wouldn't be so many voices from the community about them being at least temporarily ousted but I have to say that THERE job was to secure the network and if they did there job it wouldn't be possible for this to happen

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Good pickup. Resteemed.

Posted via Steemleo

In my view, tron just needs to understand how steem works and sell all their part... to buy STEEM... then focus on the real thing! Update the chain... gain trust, invest, keep development active and keep making decisions the community approves.

I would not complain... if someone really tries to dominate STEEM buy buying it... (I am not talking about the pre-mined stake).

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What would be needed next @mindtrap is information about how many of the accounts voting for these disabled servers are still active on our Steem blockchain.

Already done my voting 💪. We can make it again. Resteemed also

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Thanks man.

Revoted for my old reliable witnesses already. We're making progress but still a tough fight ahead.

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So who do you suggest I select? Pretend I'm a total newbie (I basically am!)


Or set @steem.leo as proxy and you can be sure the votes will go where they are needed most.

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On this page you can see which version are the witnesses running. Justin's sock puppet accounts are running the 22.5 version marked in blue, while the human Steem witnesses are running 22.1, 22.4444 and other versions.

Thanks @mindtrap resteemed bro...


Thanks bud



Thanks buddy. We can still make it...I think!


That spoiled child should be teached a lesson and know that if he plays with fire he can burn his hands.

Good post

@steempress is just on the edge of being either in or out of the top 20


I see mate. Now Aggro is out...

It would be wise if @freedom could readjust his votes...


Too many of the Top Witnesses are Powering down. Not good.

  ·  3년 전

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Sad to see Steemhunt closing their witness. They were the hottest thing here for a while. Hope they continue to do great things.

I voted some witness

And some poshing...for the Twitterland

Nothing to do with your awesomesauce post above @mindtrap (and thanks for helping to spread the word about voting), but you're in spot #42 for this week's The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 post by @abh12345. I'm sponsoring it with a 0.500 Steem @tipu tip, so here goes -

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Resteemed for increased visibility. Done unvoting disabled witnesses. Thank you.

Let's keep pushing... Winter just begin...

You made some very interesting and important points here. I am going to make a similar call to action for my followers tomorrow. Thanks for your contribution man. We all gotta do what we can in this fight.

Thanks for the advice!
It is an important witness update,
It has helped me a lot and I will put it into practice now!

Thanks for the info @mindtrap. And, good work you've done here.

Shared with my followers. Has someone developed a bot that could notify relevant stake holders that their help is needed to vote for the original witnesses?


Thanks. Maybe a bot could be useful here. Good idea

Everyone should be aware in order for our top witnesses will reclaim their spot last time. This deserves for a resteem of course..


The more people know the better result we’ll have.

Get Your Vote On Peeps

@Justinsunsteemit has stated several times he does not wish to govern the blockchain. He simply purchased his stake in Steem to add it to the Tron ecosystem. Why would he spend what he did to ruin Steem blockchain. Certain witnesses are butt-hurt that Ned got paid and they didn't. Also, I have been involved with Tron since September of 2017 and have always been amazed at Justin's ability to hit deadlines and his continued work to increase the Tron ecosystem. I play on both blockchains (Splinterlands on Steem) and enjoy both. I simply ask other Steemians to find the truth on their own and not simply follow certain witness egos that have no clue on how to negotiate for what could be a much better run in the long term.

This is magnificent . I really appreciate bro for visiting and voting on my post

Who is more stupid:

A girl with Dawn Syndrome or Extreme Communists who don't understand basic economy?