Two Pictures,A Story & Corona Diary


Two Pictures,A Story & Corona Diary


Sony a7R + Carl Zeiss Biotar 75mm f1.5 // 75mm // f1.5 // 1/8000s // ISO 100


Sony a7R + Voigtlander Heliar 15mm f4.5 // 15mm // f4.5 // 1/160s // ISO 100

Today is 13th of May. We have been at home with my daughter and wife for 55 days...Nearly two months.Today, I took my daughter,Umay to a large park near my workplace. Don't worry, it was quite desolate and calm. Then Umay's uncle,Samet joined us. After playing with Umay for half an hour, I took her wto her grand-grandmother and grand-grandfather.They all were very happy...Umay could not go out for a long time. My grandparents could not see Umay for a long time.

Today i want to tell a short story. It is -again- about an important subject. I hope you will enjoy the story. I have read on a newspaper years before...

Time travels with all its despair… What you say is forgotten… What you do may not be remembered. However, what you feel with your words or actions is not deleted from the records...

The incident occurred on October 14, 1998 during an intercontinental flight. A woman was sitting on the plane next to a black man. As if he was disturbed by the situation, he asked him to find a place other than the hostess because he could not sit next to someone so antipathic. The hostess said that the entire plane is full, but will look at whether there is space in the first class.

The other passengers were watching the event with astonishment and disgust, witnessing that this woman would continue her journey not only in rudeness, but also in the first class. The poor fellow chose not to answer, although he was in a very bad situation. The woman who created this tension was satisfied that she could fly in the first class and away from that man, waiting for the hostess to return.

The hostess, who came back in a few minutes, told the woman:

“I'm so sorry I'm late. I found a place in the first class… It took me a while to find this place, then I had to get permission from the pilot to change the location. He said, "No one can be obliged to sit next to someone who creates a problem."

The woman was prepared to get up. At the same time, the hostess turns to the sitting black man:

“Sir, would you please follow me to take you to your new location in the first class of the plane? On behalf of our travel company, our captain pilot apologizes very much for having to sit next to anyone who created such an unpleasant incident. ”

That year, the captain pilot and stewardess were rewarded for their behavior on the plane. The following message was sent to all offices in a way that staff can see: People can forget what you are saying to them. People can also forget what you have done to them. But people never forget how you made them feel.

My friends daughter is only one year old ... But even she can perceive what is done to her. I approach this story from a different perspective. As a parent, sometimes we can get angry and involuntarily yell at my daughter when we get upside down. But I never treat him to make him forget that he has a right to him. Please do not forget that your children are only individuals who have not yet had enough experience and maturity and have rights. I watched the girls in the Ozark series yesterday, for example, his family was suing his family name rejection ... At first I felt a little bit bad, but then I realized that he had a right. We, as parents, should be able to love our children under all circumstances.

Friends, I wish you all a happy day. We will be away from the streets for a while, but our return will be magnificent.

By the way, I miss sitting on the bench in the first picture. If there is nothing wrong, I will go there after the Ramadan Feast both to take a photo and to sit down and listen. Not far away, after all, within walking distance of my home ...

All photos,drawings and writings are belongs to me and for sale in HQ digital format for Hive/Hive Dollar, please contact if interested at discord @mnallica

CameraSony a7R

Hi, i am Mustafa...I hope you enjoy my works my friends and if you like please reblog and upvote my works to support me...!!


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