How we celebrate birthday party for children

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These images I'm going to share were taken from my sister. Her daughter celebrated her 8th birthday. Even though life is hard because of a pandemic. My sister always thinking of celebrating her daughter's birthday. It's okay if not that abundance but the important was to make sure she could make her child happy. That's how a mother should be, I think.

Of course, my niece is still a child. Having her fellow children friends should be invited to this kind of event. There were foods and some parlour games to make the celebration more exciting. Oh, I forgot the balloons where most children love.

The celebration was successful but it's not that fancy like before. As what I've said because of a pandemic. Now, the children gathered to start the party. Praying first, singing a happy birthday song and greetings. After these, the eating will now be started.

The children were waiting that the food will be served to them. They were hungry may be looking at those foods in front of them. Not that too many types of food. Too many tupperware because of the amount of food being served. The cheap food of course to have lots of it. lol

Our house is just small so when they have their food to eat. They will go outside to find a place to eat. It's just lucky that in our neighbours offered their table outside to let the children eat there. Apologies for the surrounding, it's not fancy but I'm sure it's clean because we Filipinos always clean our backyard.

After eating, they made sure that all were finished. When all children are there they went into a vacant place where they can hang these candies, junk food and many more children food. This is what I meant when I mentioned about parlour games.

The children will form a circle. When they are all ready, my sister loosens the rope so the foods that were hanging will be going down. When the food goes down, children will get it. And when the smaller children can't get anything. They let the small ones can get foods and candies first. This is to avoid no one will get hurt and everyone can have for them as well.

Just like in this image and video in my youtube channel, they let the small children get first before the older one can get. This is fun, you should try it if you have a child that will celebrate a birthday party. Although in our tradition this is what we do when someone's celebrating a birthday party. Call neighbours, friends from their friends. But not too many if only small amount of food can share or else others can't eat anymore. lol

Thank you for reading

images came from my sister

d' dreamboy,

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