MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation N30 Review

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When you have a product that does the dual performance of a foundation and a powder, that alone should considerably convince you into purchasing the product especially when you know that it’s MAC that’s putting it out. However do read on further, as I discuss more about why you need to get this one for yourself.

MAC describes the product as “A one-step powder and foundation that gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte finish with medium to full coverage. Long-wearing, velvety texture allows skin to breathe.”


That’s the most precise & concise description for the product one could say and I fully agree to it except for the part about offering full coverage. The Studio Fix offers only medium coverage and not full coverage as claimed. I suggest picking up the Studio Fix Fluid if you need full coverage.

The packaging of the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is the classic MAC black compact case that’s travel friendly and comes with a mirror, the product in the middle and the sponge storage compartment underneath it. I use the NC30 shade of this product and I would suggest trying on different shades before you decide on a shade that works well for you. You could also try the Foundation Shade finder feature on the MAC website to get a fair idea of how to choose the perfect MAC foundation shade for your skin. Link :


I use the MAC studio moisture cream first before applying the Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation. Applying this combination works best however if you prefer applying moisturizer of a another brand, you may do so as well but regardless do keep in mind to apply a moisturizer first.

This product gives a natural look, adding a nice glow to your skin, blending in to the skin so easily with a resulting beautiful matte look. It offers a non-dry and non-caking look which is very sweat and humidity resistant and can last as long as about 10 hours. Right upon the application of the product, it immediately reduces appearance of pores with a smooth textured, light and flawless skin which look magically even and smooth in an instant. During application, do use the sponge lightly to pick up the product as you need only minimal quantity for your application. I have a combination skin and this works beautifully well for me and in my opinion is the most perfect for oily skin.



Compact, travel friendly packaging
Blends easily into the skin
Lovely natural glowing look with a beautiful matte finishing
Non Drying and Non caking
Sweat and humidity resistant
Long lasting(10 hrs)
Reduces appearance of pores
Works great for oily skin too
Functions both as foundation and powder

Medium coverage
Price : 2900 Rs for 15g

Rating : 4.5/5

Thank you for reading this review and hope it was of help to you. Until my next post, do connect with me on Instagram here :

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This is very interesting just getting the hang of this place has been a while since I've posted, understand that your product is not actually for male's but I feel like I had to say something I occasionally buy my girlfriend presents this seems like a good purchase but I'm not too big on using chemicals on your body or hurting the environment are these mostly plant-based or do they come from animal by-products?
How about allergies are there any recorded allergies as far as you know is this a product that you are selling yourself because I will be happy to support you do you do shipping to Africa?

Greatings dear friend from Namibia hope all is well and you guys are recovering well as we are in a time of distress... 🤵🏾