Tinolang Tilapia

2개월 전

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my lucky day because we catch many fish. I posted MORE MORE FISH yesterday. The fish we catched at the river yesterday was tilapia.

I prepared different way of cooking and preparing of tilapia fish. I cooked Tinolang Tilapia or tilapia fish soup. I fried tilapia. I made Ginataang Kinilaw na Tilapia or Tilapia fish ceviche with coconut milk.

For my blog today I will share the Tinolang Tilapia or Tilapia Fish Soup. See picture below for my finish product - the tinolang tilapia.


The tinolang tilapia have only one shrimp because from yesterday's fishing only one shrimp we got. I will share how did I cook the tinolang tilapia. I am sorry for the low quality of pictures I will share because I am using a low quality mobile phone.

We have a simple living in our barangay. Our means for cooking is by using firewoods. When the ingredients was all set for my tinolang tilapia.


I boiled water with tomatoe, onion and lemon grass. Bring it to boil.


When it boiled, cook the tilapia fish and add on salt, msg and sinigang powder.


When tilapia fish is cooked, taste the soup if the taste is good. Add on horse raddish and sweet potato tops. Bring it to boil.



Once cooked serve the tinolang tilapia while hot.

I will make a separate post for the fried tilapia and ginataang kinilaw na tilapia.

That is all for now. Thanks for passing by.


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