My trip to Rome :) Part 2

2년 전

After an adventure and a tour of the Vatican, I went to the hotel to rest for a bit and then again in the morning to visit Rome. It is morning in beautiful Rome, and I am about to visit.
The first destination after the hotel was Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is a large square located in the heart of Rome, the square began to form a bit of antiquity since it started from Via Flaminia, so that was the main entrance to the city. Via Flaminia was built to connect Rome with the Adriatic coast and has, therefore, become one of the most important roads leading to Rome.



It is assumed that the architect Valadier designed two fountains that were embedded in the walls of Piazza del Popolo. The fountain in the western part of the square toward the Tiber River was the Neptune Fountain (Fontana del Nettuno) The fountain was erected between 1814 and 1823. The fountain depicts a Neptune with a trident accompanied by two Tritons. Neptune was the ancient God of sea and earthquake.
+Fontana del Nettuno+



Another fountain designed by architect Valadier, the fountain to the east at the foot of the park and Mount Pincio, is known as the Fountain of the God of Rome. The central figure of the Goddess of Rome is surrounded by allegorical figures representing the Tiber and Aniene rivers. Below the goddess is a sculpture of a dragonfly sucked up by Romulus and Rem, the founders of Rome.
+Fontana Della dea di Roma+


A city that is always wonderful to stop by. Full of beautiful old buildings, fountains, monuments ... Simple history at every turn, antiquity, renaissance, baroque, everything is a very short distance and very well preserved. There is almost no need to visit the main tourist attractions, because every ordinary street, every facade, building in that historic center has its own story



After walking around and sightseeing the beautiful historic city, I come across something amazing, the Trevi Fountain. It is one of the most famous sculptures from the Baroque period in Rome. It was named after the Trevi ration. It is 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wide.

rim fontana.JPG

The fountain dedicated to the sea was erected by Nicolo Salvi in ​​the late 18th century, in front of the central façade of the Poli Palace for the pontificate of Pope Clement XII.
The Trevi Fountain is nowadays globally famous for having been the set designer for many famous films. The fountain is also known for the pilgrimage custom of throwing coins over their shoulders into the pool, as their pledge of luck that they will one day return to Rome. In the past, these coins were collected by Roman homeless people, with a lot of noise and obscenities, and today by humanitarian organizations.



After the sensation of the fountain by an easy walk, I come across a huge building of incredible appearance and size.

Altare del Patria.
A huge beautiful non-classical building, a mausoleum made for the first king of united Italy - they say the Romans call it a "typewriter" - so it bears many names. The central assembly is a bronze statue of Victoria Emmanuele II. On the monument is also the tomb of an unknown hero, with eternal fire, guarded by soldiers. Vittorio Emanuele II
was the Italian king, the first ruler of united Italy, the popular "padre Della Patria"
+Altare Della Patria+



I'm ending this tour with a destination. On the way back to the hotel, I photographed something for you.






It was nightfall, I stopped by to have dinner with my girlfriend. I sat in a very beautiful cafe on the street and ordered, of course, carbonara spaghetti )


I hope you liked this blog and that I was able to convey to you my experience and enthusiasm for this amazing historic city. Of course, in the end, I drank the most delicious espresso coffee ever :)

Thanks, people for reading and paying attention :)

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We were planning to go to Rome and Paris and could not for obvious reasons but I can live Rome through your lovely and inspiring post.


I'm glad I was able to share my experience, thank you :)