Watch Your Hive Power Gain Interest Live


Nifty Real-time Wallet Tool

This tool was originally located here as a somewhat hidden gem on As you can see, that version is broken and hasn't worked for quite some time. I dug around a bit and found the code for it available here on Github. The application was originally written by MattyIce (@yabapmatt).


What I've Changed

  1. Pointed it to a Hive node rather than Steem
  2. Added an input box and submit button for updating the user
  3. Removed the transaction section and header to show only the wallet section
  4. Changed the CSS / Styling a bit.

I wanted to put this up because it's the only tool out there that I've come across which allows you to visualize, in real-time as your HP earns interest.

Check the dashboard out at:

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