Once upon a time a Giant...



A sad story of the Giant of Africa; Nigeria(once upon a time) a Nation with lands flowing with Natural resources(Milk and Honey as it was called) but never accessible to the common man, the citizens. A country which is over reliance on Crude oil as major revenue and now on the verge of going broke due to global oil and economy crash.

The few resources is owned by a cabal and underutilized, no average citizens could benefit from it's affluence except a few who are on the course to ruin the country's economy and its riches. A few who have been and remain in the circle of power, high positions of authority in the government are taking the vast resources of the country overseas for themselves and their families. They keep themselves in these circle for decades making top and middle government post not available for an average citizens.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic took over the world crashing economies and businesses in its wake, the master plan of the cabal to run the country into great debts was catalyse by the outbreak, every country in the world is suffering the blow of the a viral outbreak and some are deeply buried in international debts!

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