Learning This Changed My Life!


I wish I would have learned this sooner!

After years, and years, of growing the Egyptian Walking Onions, I just learned something about them that has changed my life. I really wish I would have learned about this years ago, but it's better late than never. I've enjoyed the greens of these Walking Onions in a wide variety of ways, but I've pretty much always used them fresh. In order to preserve some of them, I dehydrated a couple of batches, and let me tell you, these smell amazing! Honestly, it smells like the best Italian seasoning that you've ever smelled. I can't wait to sprinkle them on breadsticks, or a pizza.

In this video, we dress a pizza with some harvest from the garden, and then after lunch, I share what I just learned about the Egyptian Walking Onions. Enjoy the show!

Learning This Changed My Life! - Video

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