Some instant zooming here!



A pair of Hadeda Ibis birds sitting on a high floodlight post!

We have a damaged IT feed cable in the oceans somewhere near the UK, that feeds us here in South Africa. So the IT here is very slow and my picture uploads take a long time.
But at least I managed a few here!


This is what the hadeda's looked like on my zoom!


Here we have a pair of Egyptian geese on a highway lamppost!

I wonder if the engineers that design the posts include the movement and the weight of these big birds into the planning of the post designs.

Note; All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.

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Good vantage point. The birds take advantage of the conversation at high altitudes.


Thank you and I think that the birds are more clever than humans my friend.
Blessings and take care!

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Thank you kindly for the support to our charity!
Blessings and take care!