5 Proven Ways To Fall Asleep In Minutes!


Imagine that you're so tired. You've just completed your duties of the day and can hardly walk. It's 11:00 PM, and you jump to the bed thanking God that another busy day is over. You turn off the lights and take a deep breath. Finally! You wait for a good sleep to settle over you, but damn, it doesn't come. You keep rolling left to right and right to left but still no luck.

Instead of getting a night of good sleep, you start worrying about the next day and take the stress that the bill of your credit card is still unpaid, or in other words, you worry about the problems or duties that you need to complete the next day. By keep thinking about your problems, you finally lose a night of good sleep.

But hey, wait for a second. Do you think that you are the only one going through it? According to the research report posted by ConsumerReports, around 68% of Americans struggle with sleep. Your productivity is directly linked to your sleep. Your brain can only work efficiently when you charge your cells through a good night's sleep.

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Today, I'll share those five methods with you that I've tried by myself, and I can testify that they work. You don't have to pick one and use it all the time. I'm quite hopeful that all of these methods will work so well that you could rotate them over days to not get bored. Without any further ado, let's discuss those methods.

1. Decrease your room temperature:

A month ago, I had a trip outside the country. I struggled for a good sleep there due to the change in climate and other stuff. Luckily, there was an air-conditioner in my room. Even though the weather was normal and one could sleep without even running the fan, but I turned on the fan and also decreased my room's temperature with the help of air-conditioner as such that I'd need at least a blanket and guess what? it worked!

I researched it and found that people use it as a method to reduce their struggle for sleep and it works for most people as well. If you are struggling for a good sleep and your room temperature is not cool enough, then I suggest that you decrease it as such that you find yourself comfortable in a blanket. An organized bed sheet with a clean blanket will help you fall asleep sooner than later.

2. Pretend that you must stay awake:

The way our brain works is quite funny. When we decide something that we must do, we often find ourselves lazy in doing it or even forget it. The same theory works with sleep too. The reason why you are unable to sleep is that you are "trying" to sleep. You are closing your eyes by forcing yourself that you must go to sleep because you have to go to work the next day at 8:00 AM but you still fail to do so.

Let's try the opposite of it aka reverse psychology. Decide that you'll stay awake for the whole night and won't sleep. Open your eyes wider for a few seconds to a few minutes and see the power of reverse-psychology. If that's too difficult for you, then stop forcing yourself coz it won't help you even a bit in achieving a good sleep but will annoy you for sure. If it's not working for you, switch to another method.

3. Read the most boring book:

During my school life, I used to hate the chemistry subject, the theories, and stuff and even today if you'd ask me the most boring subject, I'll say "Chemistry" without a second thought. I mean, it's good for most people, but for me, I find it informative though quite boring. I'll easily yawn when I start opening the book only, let alone reading it.

Think about the most boring material you have, maybe read the instruction manual of any electronic machine, or maybe a how-to and history of any medicine? Whatever bores you the most, pick it up and start reading it for a few minutes, you'll start yawning and will be forced to turn off the lights and a good night's sleep will settle over you.

4. Count the sheep or alphabetize fruits:

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the sheep counting method. I don't personally know if it works or not because I've simply not tried it yet, but I've tried alphabetizing the fruits and vegetables and trust me, it works.

Find the fruit name within your brain that starts with each alphabet and wish yourself luck doing it because you won't be able to complete it for the most time. And if you complete alphabetizing the fruits, start with vegetables. This will create a distraction in your mind that will help you fall asleep in a couple of minutes.

5. Rock yourself while sitting on the bed:

Two new studies at ScienceDaily suggests that rocking motion gently helps you sleep faster and also improves one's memory. It is just a few days ago that I came to know about this study and believe me, I used to do the same whenever I struggled for the sleep and every time it worked flawlessly for me. Therefore, I can vouch for this method.

Sit on the bed, keep your legs straight on the bed, and stick your backside to a soft pillow, start rocking yourself gently forward and backward and keep your eyes closed. Keep doing it for a minute or two, and you'll start seeing the results.

Studies Source: ScienceDaily

So, that was it. If you know the methods that have worked better for you than the above-mentioned ones, share them in the comment section with us. If you've enjoyed the read and would like more interesting content, follow me on @princewahaj. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed. Thank you for spending your time. Have a good day!

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