Living another day in quarantine | Making cookies for the first time

3개월 전


Really everything that is happening in the world with respect to the virus COVID-19 is something very tragic, however, I must also say that the quarantine is also frustrating, to the point that I have already read several news of people who have committed suicide, including even a Venezuelan actor, to him and all those people who fight daily for their lives to rest in peace.

In my case, I'm trying to keep myself as busy as possible at home, I'm not lucky enough to say that I go to my room to watch some netflix series because I don't even have an internet signal (I've never had a lol) and I don't have a tv either, there's only one in the living room and the other one in my parents' room, I've never been really interested in having that kind of distraction in my room and now less that I can't have it.

So avoiding looking as desperate as my neighbor who I saw from the roof of my house (looking for a sign), I decided to make this quarantine a chance to do things I normally do (write a novel, exercise and watch my favorite K-dramas) and new things too, including cooking.

Cooking for me is one of the most relaxing activities, first because it makes us more creative and second because I personally love food.

Yesterday, I was a bit anxious to eat something sweet, and taking into account that I can't go out because of the quarantine, I went to the pantry to look at the ingredients to see how sweet I could make, in that I saw that there were the essentials to make cookies, but I remembered that I didn't know how to make them. That didn't stop me, as I could look for a signal with my cell phone to find some simple recipe which I found after minutes almost hours (yes, that's how bad the signal is where I live).

I'm not usually one to follow the recipe to the letter, nor am I one to measure quantities. I've always believed and practiced that observation and culinary experience is the best measure you can have, so I grabbed a bowl and instead of measuring 200 grams of butter, 250 grams of sugar, 200 grams of wheat flour, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and an egg (well that's not measured lol); I did it to the clinical eye, with spoons and what my hand felt like something compact when kneading and what my mouth tasted like that key cookie flavor.


After a few minutes I was already making my cookies, which I shaped with the spout of a glass mayonnaise container, and to spread the dough I did it with an empty wine bottle, that is, with what I had at hand, just like that.


To be honest I was excited because I didn't know how easy and fun it was to make cookies.


About 43 cookies came out of that little mix, I didn't know there would be so many, as I told you, it was my first time making cookies.

So counting the 10-13 minutes at 180 degrees, my two trays of cookies were already in the process of browning.


As you can see my cookies were delicious, I gave several to my neighbors and close relatives who told me that I should make more to sell, which was funny. But the truth is that they were BRUTAL, crunchy and with a balanced sweetness.


One more experience in this quarantine, by the way I am not the only one who is doing new things, that sweater you see in my picture, was made by my mother @gardenofcarmen with the help of my sister @kpopjera, I love it, it keeps me warm.

Well guys, take care and keep yourself safe, try to keep those minds busy with productive things and get out of the virtual world a little bit, there are a lot of things to do at home that are interesting and fun.

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