Steemit Amps Up Their Censorship


On the count of 3, say “fuck...”

(Steemit? Justin Sun?)

Yes folks, Steemit has yet again amped up their censorship efforts.

What has once supposed to be a championing platform in decentralized social media has been getting increasingly worse with their censorship...

First, it was the obvious blocking of content from specific accounts - many of whom were witnesses voted in by the community.

Then, I encountered my first censorship when some of my posts disappeared from Steemit’s front end. However, they were still accessible via their links / via notifications for votes on them.

Now... not even that.

Yesterday, I posted Steem Vs. Hive: Which Is The Superior Platform? on both Hive and Steem.

Today, it is not to be found on Steemit.

Not only that, the post isn’t even accessible.

See all these votes below? They were on that post.


Yet when I click on the notification to get taken to the post...



Interestingly enough, I can actually see the comments that were left on the post...


Yet when I click on “view full context” to get taken to the post...




Was it the open comparison of posts earning 3-20x as much on Hive as Steemit?

Was it the critique of 90% of the content on the Trending page being Korean?

It’d be fascinating to know exactly who read the post and executed the authority to censor it.

In any case, I’m one step closer to being completely done with the joke that Steemit has become, before it reaches its self-imposed fate...

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FUCK! I looked for that post in your blog yesterday and couldn't find it. I also looked for it in the "silenced" posts and I didn't find it either. I was wondering how a post could be completely deleted. Why do you censor it? Is there fear? You don't want to judge them as arbitrary but they don't leave you any choice! It's shit what they're doing to STEEMIT and to the few of us who are left to publish! Censorship is discouraging and especially annoying and disrespecting the author. An urgent management course for the people who are in charge of this platform. Greetings


Almost kinda surprised this post also hasn’t been censored. (At least yet.)