Sketch-sheets 2018 (Free time, almost dry markers and illustrations)


Welcome back to one of the posts of this lazy and inconsequential Steemit user, I hope you didn't click this post by accident, but you honestly wanted to see it, this time I will show you my drawings of 2018, (I was born in 2000, so I imagine that you must deduce that I go with the millennium), without further delay, let's start once and for all.

I think that this first drawing that I am showing you I have already shown on other occasions but you will see it again anyway, I made this drawing beginning the year, by that time I drew and painted a lot, the thing with all those paintings and drawings, is that I gave them away, it would be an odyssey to ask them back to take pictures, because several of the people who have these drawings or paintings are outside the country where I live or simply no longer speak to them; specifically the drawing you saw I did because I felt very overwhelmed at the time, I was having a bad time with me and those around me, to vent I made that drawing, that the technique I used was not very special, just paint the background with watercolor black, wait for it to dry and drawing in the blank space stayed, I made the hands with graphite, I kept my hands quite stained but I do not know I quite like the result.

As my mother says “You are a bad attempt of Frida Kahlo” maybe my wise mother is right, the thing is that I have always made drawings of me, it entertains me to draw myself but I feel that sometimes I have a bit of a streak of being narcissistic, this illustration of me is one of my favorites, I loved the lines I made as that effect of movement to the fabrics, how I made my body (although a bit exaggerated) but I loved how I finally stay, Although many say I don't look like the illustration.

In the fourth drawing we have the drawing that I put in the beginning of this post, this illustration especially fascinates me, it is the result that a girl I met told me "You do not dare to draw a drawing in an hour" take the challenge and this is what came out, the picture of the model I drew, I had it saved for a long time, I prepared to do it, I spent the time while and so I was, until that was the final finish I had, one thing What made me sad was that with one of my oversights the drawing got wet and the marker's ink ran a little but I still like it anyway, how about you?

That drawing you see is a fragment of what you see when you get to where I live now, on Avenue 5, the photo of which I took that photo, well, I took it myself, it was not worth uploading it because it was not the great thing but it occurred to me to draw it, being honest I liked it more as I was drawn than when I took the photo, it follows everything with markers and to color it, use colored chalk to simulate a sunset. In that year 2018 use quite a few markers, as you will have noticed.

To finish with a gold brooch, Deadpool, I made this Deadpool since I was in a comic course and at the end of the class we had to make a superhero or villian comic, I ended up doing the sarcastic Deadpool, with this drawing I learned that you throw it color first and then you pass marker where you passed the color crayon, the result is magnificent, I had fun making this drawing, because the lines were precise, the shadows were basically black spots that suggested the volume... I must say that I am surprised that all Drawings of this post I still like today, however, that I am quite demanding of myself and that very little drawings I still like after finishing them.

This is me with 18 years already fulfilled with bleached hair and with enough dark circles, as usual, without adding...

If you want to go through my Instagram to see a little more of my content, here I will leave it:


Until next time, guys!

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All your works/drawings are cool/amazing.
great job
I always struggle with drawing something.

I'd like to ask some quesions.

Did you visit a special school to learns how to draw or you are a self-made painter?

Do you have any experience with making icons/symbols/logos (like we have for some tribes on Steem (like CreativeCoin logo etc.)) with the help of Photoshop/PaintNet etc.?

plus what about animations?


Thanks for comment! It's not too late to learn to draw.

Yes, I was in an art school but I learned some things on my own.

No, I have no experience with digital things, not yet.