Covid 19 Diary - Keep Calm Be Positive

2년 전

Self Isolation Day 18



March 20th 2020

There is a strong tendency to focus on the negatives in an adverse situation. However, we should remember the ying and the yang of things and remember there's always a silver lining. For example, from Justin Sun's takeover of Steemit has resulted today in the birth of Hive. So today I am focusing just on potential positive outcomes. For me personally I have been able to produce a lot of content for the site. Today, by not covering my usual political/economic analysis I shall be able to post this to OCD for a change.

Positive Outcomes

less pollution
less packaging/plastic
reduction in air travel
less polluting ocean going cruises
nature gets a break
hearing the birds sing
the canals in Venice being clean
time to slow down
wearing pyjamas all day
time to spend with the family
community spirit
Greta Thunberg's not been in the news
terrorists struggling to come up with targets
easier to get a parking space
people with no friends now have an excuse
spring cleaning
home deliveries
Eurovision being cancelled
phoning family members for catch ups
considering priorities
chance to take up new hobbies
and getting our freedom back at the end of this.

I am not trying to downplay the seriousness of this emergency we all find ourselves in. However, knowing our world is going to change is scary. There is likely to be unintended consequences of this situation that we can't see yet. Some will undoubtedly be negative but, if we can counsel ourselves that some will be positive, then maybe we can hold our heads above water.


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