Current Political Climate in Everywhere

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Genuinely struggle to comprehend how some people can have such disregard for their fellow humans. There was a chap at the bus stop who was very, very drunk and a rough sleeper. It's raining really heavily so we're all trying to get what shelter we can in this tiny space. He was trying to talk to people (not asking them for anything) waiting for buses but you can imagine how that went down. This other guy was so outraged at the homeless man being at HIS bus stop (his words not mine) and was calling him a fool, saying he shouldn't be there and how it was inconveniencing him, and other such assorted pleasantries 🙄


He was telling all this to me and was taken aback when I didn't agree with his view. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Why the lack of compassion? All the guy wanted was a dry space, a hug and a listening ear (obviously this doesn't solve his situation but we all need human connection from time to time). I'm pretty sure I and most people would be drunk too in his circumstances. I've encountered this lack of compassion for people struggling in life in quite a few situations in different circumstances in the last few weeks and it's hard not to feel it's on the rise and even harder not to think it's largely due to the current political climate...


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