Quarantine life: Knowing Me and the blockchain better


It would have amount to no good, if all i perceived during this quarantine was all the hangout and fun i missed. Yes , maybe I started having such negative thoughts until few days back when i decided to take a turn. It's more profitable investing in those things i liked but due to my schedules I gave little or no time to them, among such was learning about blockchain, cryptocurrency and what genre of writing would i prefer.

The most important question

Who am I? , As simple as it is, many persons dont know who they are or should be, what they really want or should desire. Worst, only few care to go on this quest of discovering who they are; in regard to this, I decided to try some new stuff to know what works better for me.
I started a personal workout daily, sometimes jog around the compound. Started reading books on several subjects, searching deep into life of finance and making money. It's feels great to draw from the wealth of knowledge of others.
My most desire at the end of the quarantine is to rediscover my lost passion, lost self while gathering all the frangrant that has scattered from the past years.



Learning Blockchain
My first knowledge of cryptocurrency started here on steemit. I never knew such things exist until a friend invited me and i began to dig more of it. After gaining admission, school demands gain me no time to dive more into it. As much as i love to write, I also need time to learn especially on what blockchain is all about and cryptocurrency. Learning this could help me do better on the chain.

This quarantine period became the best time to learn, and i have spent hours surfing on what cryptocurrency and blockchain is, am quite happy starting to have more knowledge first on who i am, what I want , and what a blockchain is and how it runs.

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