A quiet day

2개월 전

For me, to have a quiet day means to live the day in a simple way. No stress, not something I have to finish for a deadline, no meetings, no shopping, nothing. A quiet day, for me, it's that day when I can decide in freedom about my time. A sort of Sunday for the most part of people, but for me a quiet day could be one of the other days of the weeks. This is because if I had to finish a work I use to work on weekend too, like other freelancers.

To represent a quiet time I think there's nothing better than a cat. In this cat is a cat of my old neighbor:

He's an old cat not very friendly, but sometime he eat some food in my backyard (just if I respect the "social distance" :D ) and he use to place himself on the roof of a small cabin in the garden of my neighbor.

Watching him, I think about a peaceful time enjoying a bit of some having nothing to do.

This cat looked so quiet, even if after some quiet time he started to meow:

His human mom was calling him to give him food ^_^

Well, it's all for now, see ya soon and stay safe!


silvia beneforti
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