Slow time ^_^

2개월 전

Happy Monday to you all! Today it's a rainy day here, but Nature don't stop itself and in my backyard there are more snails than usual ^_^

On Monday the bookstore where I work for some hours at week is closed and so I can work on my painting all the time, relaxing myself as more as I can. In a pause of rain, I enjoyed a bit of time observing and taking photos of a snail on the wall of my backyard.

It was funny, because it was climbing a leaf (in a slowly way, sure):

It makes me think about this slowly time and it's a positive thought because I think sometime I need to learn to live in a slowly way, because not always to live fast and always busy could be the best life to live, isn't it?

I have to learn something by that snail, at the end he/she climbed the leaf even if slowly and I', pretty sure he/she was happy for the result like he/she did it fast ^_^

See ya soon and stay safe,


silvia beneforti

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